Friday, 25 September 2009

Has anyone seen my boots?

Well what a week it's been not sure whether I've been coming or going for most of it. The beginning of the week started of steady Charlotte was on the morning shift at school which is cool as I have been able to get some stuff done, sadly no scrapbooking, boo hoo. Tuesday we were expecting the plasterer in to remove the artex from the ceilings in the living room and bathroom, he phoned at 10am to say that he wouldn't be able to make it as his little boy was really poorly. So imagine the scene, we had taken almost everything plus furniture out of the bathroom and living room and piled it into other rooms, poor Charlotte's bedroom looked liked a scene of mass destruction. It couldn't be helped so we lived with it for the day. Wednesday came dropped Charlotte off at school, they hadn't mentioned anything about P.E kits and I didn't see the notice the day before about them needing it so I had to rush back home collect her things and run back down the school. As I return to the house 2 massive bags of logs were just being delivered and the plasterer was sitting outside waiting for me. The mess in the house was unbelievable, the guy was careful but how ever careful he tried to be plaster was still sploshed down the walls along with pva glue. I was in bed that night at 8.30pm absolutely exhausted. Thursday, poor Les was at home as he was suffering with a migraine, Charlotte had a friend round to play for a while and I caught up with some house hold chores!. Today has been much better, it's Les's Birthday and he booked the day off from work. Les took Charlotte to school whilst I decorated the house with banners and balloons, I then went into town to have my hair cut, collected balloons which I ordered at the weekend, came home picked Charlotte up from school and then went out for lunch which was lovely. Poor Charlotte has been dying to tell her dad about the presents and has done really well keeping the secret until this morning when she shouted out 'can I tell dad about the cake now' oh bless her!

I will leave you with this photo of Charlotte and her daddy blowing out the candles together. We opted for the 'dad' candle rather than individual ones as they wouldn't all fit on the cake. heehee ;)

Have a good weekend, mine is going to be a relaxing one I hope!!.

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