Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Sorry blog

It's been a while again (whoops). The hours in a day just seem to whizz by at the moment. I can't believe we are at the end June next week. I wish this weather would improve and warm up just a little, am I really asking to much??

Well what have we been up to. Before half term I decided to walk every morning after taking Charlotte to school, only I felt the need to run so that's what I have been doing most mornings for the past 7 weeks. I'm really enjoying it and feel great (if a little out of breath) once I have achieved my planned route, and I try not to be too hard on myself if I'm a little slower one day, as long as I keep going.

What else, half term Charlotte and I went to Mum's for the week. I think I mentioned that we were all going out as a family for a meal to celebrate Dad's 65th Birthday. Dad didn't realise that there was a present waiting for him. Now myself and my Brother had been so looking forward to seeing Dad open his present, knowing that it was an iPad inside. He opened the parcel so gingerly (all eyes on him, me nearly wetting myself with excitement) taking his time, still a blank expression on his face. He finally opened it and said 'oh it's an iPad'. Poor Dad I could see the fear in his eyes, the cogs in his head going over, thinking 'am I ever going to be able to work this thing'. I'm so relieved to say that he is quite a pro on it now and even sends me emails!. I was so impressed when I played on Dad's that I treated myself to one. I love love love it. It's the best purchase I have made in a while.

I have also been taking part in the Christy Tomlinson 'she has 3 hearts' journal coure.  I haven't even had the time to watch all the videos yet but I'm sure I will find time over the next few days.

Les flew out to Singapore on Sunday to do his yearly exhibtion over there.  Mum and Dad were planning to come up to keep me company but sadly poor Mum went down with this sickness bug which seems to be doing the rounds at the moment.  So it's just me and Charlotte this week.  I do have to say though that she is a really good girl and is doing more jobs around the house to earn an extra pound this week, so she can spend her money in the Salvanian Family shop in London, which is planned in the Summer holiday.

For a while Les has been wanting to go to Croome Park which is just about 10 miles from here.  So when we had an offer in the local newspaper to buy one adult ticket and another gets in free we couldn't really say no.  I loved the daisy meadows and took some lovely photos of Charlotte sitting in them.

We saw these rain clouds coming and thought it was time to head home!.

Charlotte wanted to take some photos, I have to say I thought they might have been really wonky but she managed to capture this one, which I really like.

I downloaded the Sketches2Scrapbook app on my iPad which is ace.  I had some time on Saturday night and thought I would use my time creatively.  I took one of the sketches and came up with this, I used some of this months Scrapagogo kit to create it.

Thanks for the lovely comments on the previous posting, they are so much appreciated.