Saturday, 19 February 2011

21 Again

Yesterday I celebrated my Birthday. Lucky for me we had an Inset day from school which allowed us to spend the day together. I have always wanted to go to the Black Country Museum as I've heard so many people talk about it and say how good it is. I enjoyed the day but it was so cold, to warm up we tried the fish and chips that has such a good reputation, they were very nice but I still think the chips from the Market in Great Yarmouth take some beating!!.

Thankfully some of the houses had there ranges going so it was so nice to go and have a little warm up.

We had a ride on the bus but the trams weren't working which was a shame.

We went into the school and showed Charlotte what it was like in the 1930's.

I loved the wireless shop. I have a little Roberts radio which I love and use every day.

I haven't taken part in Sarah's card sketch challenge for ages. I loved the sketch and thought I would have a go, here is my take on the sketch. Charlotte baking with Daddy a couple of weeks ago. Not a particularly good photo as the light is terrible.

I'm off to Mum and Dad's tomorrow to spend half term with them. I'm looking forward to catching up with family and friends and paying a few craft shops some visits.
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Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

So did any of you receive cards from your loved ones or from anonymous admirers this morning?? For some reason it's been quite an occasion in our house this year. For most of the afternoon yesterday I was banned from going into the kitchen due to Charlotte and Daddy creating something very special for me. This morning we were woken by Charlotte saying that it was 7am and was time to get up. Lots of cards to one another and this lovely little heart box that Charlotte had painted and then decorated it with hearts and stars. So precious.

Ever since I was a little girl I have always given my Dad a Valentine's card and some sort of chocolates or sweets. This year was no different. Thanks Dad. X

It's been quite a weekend, Les returned from Dubai late Saturday evening and we spent most of yesterday just chilling out. I didn't manage to create much last week, but don't think I have shared these layouts I done a couple of weeks ago.

This layout was done with Shimelle's 4x6 photo love online class. Every month you will create a layout with 4x6 photos. January was 1 photo, February will be 2, March will be 3 etc..

I don't normally work with dark colours but this MME paper was lovely and the coloured flowers complemented it perfectly.

I'm going to take a stroll to the post office as I missed the postie this morning with my Scrapagogo kit.

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Friday, 4 February 2011

Pencil line Sketch 222

I hope you are impressed two posts in one week, that's pretty good for me. I haven't taken part in a Pencil line sketch for ages so thought I would have a go. Here is my take on sketch 222. Again I have used these bright sunny colours and a photo of Charlotte taken a couple of years ago, it's hard to think that she hadn't started school when this picture was taken.

I made some of these little flowers with some of the patterned paper and then finished them off with a button and a gem.

I love these resin flower from Maya Road, again perfect just to add that little more dimension.

I had a little time this morning to take a few snaps of Charlotte using my new lens. So from this sweet little girl.....

To this little monster....

These photo's look so much better in black and white, as the back ground and the lighting weren't great.

I'm so glad it's almost the weekend, it's been a long week. Les is off to Dubai tomorrow for a week, bless him he's full of cold, but I'm sure the dry heat will help to clear it up.

Right I'd better get ready to go to work.

Take care and have a lovely weekend all.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Golden Girl

Hello Blogland. Another grey morning out there today, doesn't it just make you feel like going back to bed? I know it does me, although with the cold I've got at the moment, I wouldn't sleep anyway. Right I've done the British bit and complained about the weather!!.

Last week I managed to create some more layouts and I have to say that I'm loving it, maybe having a break really done me good as the ideas seem to be flooding my mind at the moment. This one I started at the weekend, just loved the sunny colours, and chose to use a black and white photo so as it wouldn't distract against the colours. The photo quality isn't great as the light is terrible. Now as most of you know I'm not that inventive when it comes to titles for the layouts and I very often ask Les what he thinks. He came up with 'Our Golden Girl' which I thought worked perfectly on several accounts, obviously the colours and secondly as she is achieving so much at school and is trying really hard. I have to say that I've started to dread Monday's as she comes out of school with spellings that need to be learnt by Friday. Now I'm not talking about little words but damn great words like, driftwood, although, thought, suddenly and speechless (which it left me). I know when I was at school we started with the smaller words and then built up with the larger ones. By Friday I'm exhausted, goodness only knows how these kids feel!!.

A little close up shot. To begin with I wasn't sure what to use the bread(less) tabs for but think they help to add dimension. I remember these little tabs on bread from when I was growing up, I bet you do to don't you??

This layout I used the Prima 'Jack n Jill' collection I bought some of this collection at the end of November and thought it was about time I got stuck into it. Really sweet.

I've had crackle glaze for ages and hadn't used it so I thought I would try it out on this lovely big chipboard flower.

I'll leave it there for now, thanks again for all the lovely comments.
Take care