Thursday, 28 January 2010


How fast has this week gone? Thursday already and I don't feel like I've managed to achieve much at all. I have managed to do this weeks weekly challenge over on UKScrappers. This week you had to use a photo other than people, which I found difficult as I normally scrap Charlotte, but I had a great picture of Liverpool that had been waiting to be scrapped for a while. You had to use a sketch so naturally I looked on the Twisted Sketches site and found a sketch that I hadn't taken part in. Journalling, well as you know I don't tend to like my handwriting all that much and I feel it detracts away from the layout, so I tend to put the story on the back of the layout but for this one I have added some. Ribbon, again I don't use lots of this, but found the perfect piece. Bling, I've only used a few gems but I've still put some on. So I think that's another 30 points for the Crafty Magpies!!.

There is a story behind this layout, my husband is originally from Liverpool (although you would never know as he has no accent), and we spent a day there last year whilst visiting Southport. We couldn't believe how much it has changed and is changing all the time, there is lots of work taking place especially along the Docklands. It's a fine City and if you think about the history of Liverpool in the Second World War it had a real pounding, but just look at it now. The shopping centre is amazing and I could spend lots of money there. Now there is an issue about the red and blue side of this layout, my husband is an Everton supporter and would have been very upset with me if the whole layout was red, so I added some blue to make him happy!. The plectrum (I think that's what it's called) I bought from the Beatles shop, buying it in mind for this layout.

Anyway I'd better get a wriggle on I'm off to school to do my dinnerlady bit!

As always thanks for popping by.


Sunday, 24 January 2010

I'm a new Twisted Sister.......

it's true I have been luckily enough to be offered a position on the Twisted Sketches Design Team for the next 6 months and I can tell you that I am bursting with excitement. I have been playing along with the Twisted Sketches for a while now, so I'm looking forward to taking part and being one of the team. Click to check out the rest of the other very talent team. I would like to congratulate my fellow teamie Debbie Harrison on also being a new Twisted Sister to. This is my interpretation of the sketch.

A close up shot of the detail. We are now fondly known as 'The Crumpets' due to a little girl I listen to read on a Tuesday afternoon. She can't seem to pronounce 'Crompton' so she calls me Mrs Crumpet instead. This has stuck and I have even received mail through the post with 'The Crumpet's on it. Thanks Nat!! hehe

Thanks for stopping by, will be back later in the week.


Thursday, 21 January 2010


So this week has brought a brand new routine to my life. I'm enjoying my new role as lunchtime supervisor and it has gone fairly smoothly. Even though yesterday it was wet play and me and another lady had to deal with the hot meals as well as the packed lunches, we managed fine and all children got fed and watered by 1.10pm.

I have managed to complete this weeks weekly challenge again, over on UKScrappers. The aim was to use an old photo and to document it. I chose this photo of my Mum aged about 7 or 8, she was sitting in the back of her Dad's car and refused to get out as she didn't want to see her now Sister in law's father apparently he wasn't a kind man. So Mum being Mum decided to stay put she looked quite happy wrapped in a blanket in the back of the car. I know she talks fondly about her Dad's car and the trips they had and even remembers the smell of the leather seats, all these things would be lost forever if we didn't write them down and scrapbook them.

I had another nice surprise when my fellow teamie Debbie informed me that both Debbie and I had won a weekly sketch over at Twisted sketch. Mine I had done quite a while ago as I was scrapbooking Charlotte's first day at school, not sure whether you can remember it so here it is

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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Sarah's Cards Sketch

As I won the Sarah's Cards' sketch challenge back in December I am the guest designer this month. This is my take on the challenge. It looks quite wonky but I think that is the way I took the photo. I really enjoyed taking part and plan to do so again. The photo doesn't really do it justice but I have cut out and layered all the hats and mittens and then attached them onto the semi circle using 3d foam. This photo of me and Charlotte was taken on Boxing Day last year, we took Charlotte to the park at my mum's and there were some ice patches still left around from the snowy weather they had before Christmas. She enjoyed sliding all over the place, a bit dangerous to be honest especially in a childrens play park!.

I finally heard on Friday afternoon that I was one of the lucky people to get one of the lunchtime supervisors positions at Charlotte's school. I start tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to it, I love being with the children. Another mum from Charlotte's class has also got one the positions and like me she helps out voluntarily to.

I've been busy over the weekend making a circle journal for the Crafty Magpies. I have nearly completed it ready to be handed onto Debbie in a couple of weeks. This is all new to me, but I am really enjoying the involvement with the team, and asking lots of questions when I'm unsure, they are being really patient with me!!. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's weekly challenge and getting some more points for the team.

I will be back in the week with some more layouts.

As always thanks for stopping by and for all the lovely comments you leave for me. I love it.

Take care

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Chocolate or Fruit????

So we are slowly getting back to some normality here (thank goodness), Charlotte went off to school today. She wasn't to happy to go and I had a few tears from her, but her new teacher was really sweet and just walked her into the classroom, I had a little look in the window afterwards and she was fine. It has been so unsettling for the children and for a child like Charlotte who thrives on a routine has suffered quite a bit. I hope this is it for the weather now, but before we know it they will be breaking up for half term!.

So I have managed to complete my weekly challenge over on UKScrappers. This week was all about forbidden fruit. This photo of Charlotte at my brother's wedding last May was perfect for this. She enjoys fruit but loves chocolate even more (well who doesn't). 10 points for using ribbon and 10 points for using either blossoms or bling, I chose bling.

I'd better get my skates on as I'm off to school to see about this hot meal thingy and how it's going to work, which is due to start on Monday. I just hope I have one of the lunchtime supervisor positions.

Hope you like the layout.


Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Yet more snow!

So we woke to more snow this morning. I'm getting rather bored with this now, it was nice to begin it's just inconvenient now. So it means another day off school for Charlotte, they only went back to school yesterday, and that wasn't even a full day it was only 10-2.30pm. I feel sorry for the school as on Monday they worked really hard to clear the snow, even got a tractor in to help. I'm hoping that tomorrow they will open the school, Charlotte is bored and I haven't been able to get on with much stuff although today I have written a list and have achieved 7 out of the 10 things so I'm pretty happy with that.

I had some mincemeat left over from Christmas so I thought I would make so mince pies, we love them in our house so I'm guessing they won't hang around long, I've had two already *crumbs being dropped*. I wouldn't get any points for presentation and most of the pies have oused as I always put to much filling in them, but my Mum says they always the best ones.

A good friend of mine had a baby last week. When I spoke to her yesterday I explained that I hadn't got her a card yet but will do, she replied saying 'well aren't you going to make me one, I do love your cards'. So this was one of the things to complete today. Now you all know that I'm not a card maker and only make them either when I'm in the mood or for a special occasion. I struggled with this one but I'm quite pleased with the results and I know Kate will like it, it's the thought that counts.

As for scrapbooking well it's been on the back burner over the last week, I'm trying to complete one for this weeks weekly challenge to get some points for the Crafty Magpies. On that note I'm having such fun with the girlies over on UKScrappers what a friendly bunch they are. I am taking part in the CJ's , swaps and even a retreat in November which I'm very excited about, and the cottage that Karen has booked looks fantastic.

I have finished my sketch for Sarah's Cards but can't reveal it yet as it hasn't gone live, but as soon as it has I'll pop it on.

As always thanks for popping by.


Saturday, 9 January 2010

First weekly challenge

The layout below was my first weekly sketch challenge with the Crafty Magpie team over at UKScrappers. The challenge was to use the sketch, ribbon, and celebration photos. I hope to get some points for the team with this. I hope to at least do this every week, you know me I love sketches anyway. I love this photo of my Mum, me and Charlotte, it's three generations of us girls in the family. Normally my mum is camera shy and you can't get her to pose for love nor money but on Christmas Day she was happy to have her photo taken with us.

I hope you are all having a good weekend, it's a very slow one here, mostly trying to sort out this computer and putting stuff on it.

Take Care and thanks for stopping by.

Friday, 8 January 2010

I'm back........

in blog land. Gosh it's been really difficult over the past few days with no computer. So I am typing this on a brand new laptop (thanks hubs) which is just fab. The only thing is that everything has moved on so much with the software, so I'm trying to find my way round things, as well as installing stuff onto it, I'll get there it will just take some time.

It's been a really strange week all round really Charlotte is still not back at school so she is happily playing under the kitchen table whilst I sat at it typing. She has been lucky enough to have her little friend round most days so that has to keep her occupied. Here are some snowy photos that I took on Wednesday.

This one is of our back garden, you can see that we have had quite a bit of snow.

Just over 7 inches of snow.

The little rascal throwing a snowball at me, whilst taking photos!

My little snow baby.

What else have I been doing? Well I have joined a great team of girls on UKScrappers and I am now part of the Crafty Magpies so I'm hoping that I can join in with loads of different stuff with them. I am doing this weeks weekly challenge, I just have to stick it down then I can link it up to the website (hopefully).

I applied for a job at Charlotte's school to be a lunchtime supervisor. I am still waiting to hear but the teacher has spoken to me twice about getting in contact with my referees. It's only for an hour a day, but it would get me back in the mind set of working and I do so enjoy being in the school environment. They are starting to have hot meals so they need more helpers. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Anyway I'm off to make hot chocolates!

Will post some layouts soon.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Technology is good....when it works!

So who's had snow then? Most of the country by looks of things. We have had our fair share of snow. I had to dash and collect Charlotte from school on Tuesday as the snow came down so quickly they decided to close it early. Then last night we had such a covering that they didn't open today, and I have just checked there website and they are not bothering tomorrow either. It's quite nice really as it has meant that I have had Charlotte at home and it was like old times. She had her friend come round to play for a few hours but they do get up to mischief when they get together and well the bedroom looked like a bomb had been dropped on it, still it kept her happy for a while.

The other news is that my pc has decided to give up on me, it was working fine yesterday morning and then it just froze I switched it off re-booted and nothing happened. So I'm not going to be able to download any pictures for a while. We have got to decide whether we are going for a replacement box or a laptop. My brother works with computers and is abit of a whizz with them, just as well as I hadn't managed to back-up my 2009 photos, so I'm hoping he will work his magic and retrieve them for me. Luckily I am able to use hubs laptop from work, but can only use it in the evening, but at least I can check emails and stuff. Anyway I will sort it soon, I can't cope without my computer.

I managed to have a play with my new BIA today and I am loving it. I'm making a Christmas album as I have some lovely pictures and have made a start on it already.

So please bear with me whilst I sort out this computer problem, service will be resumed shortly.

Take Care


Friday, 1 January 2010

No hangover for me!!

I hope you all had a good night last night. Ours was quiet but very relaxing and at least I haven't got a hangover today!! haha. Thanks to Debbie and Beki for there comments about the BIA, I have ordered one so I'm looking forward to having a play with that when it arrives.

I thought I would share with you the layout I have just completed if a little late for Sarah's Cards as I won there sketch competition last month. Some of the free goodies I chose were used for this layout.

I was so fed up with the Christmas tree that I taken everything off and dragged it outside ready to be recycled. I know I'm early to take the decorations down but it really was getting on my nerves and we haven't got much space in our living room so it was a real relief.

Anyway only a quick one tonight, but hope you like my layout.