Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Christmas in September?

Did I just mention the 'C' word?? Yes, I know Christmas in September isn't quite right, but I just fancied doing something a little bit different for a change. We don't just have to scrap Christmas photos in December do we? I love this picture of me and Charlotte together. Her Birthday falls 9 days before Christmas Day so we were getting ready to go to her party at the Wacky Warehouse. Last year holds many memories as Les got made redundant in November and things were hard as well as financially difficult, but we still celebrated Charlotte's special day and Father Christmas still came!. I'm so grateful that everything turned out okay and that the company was bought out, and re-named, and is still going really well today.

Well yesterday went extremely well for Charlotte, I collected her at 12 o'clock and I was a little nervous of how she was going to be, but she came running over to me talking non stop about her morning. This morning she was fine had waffle and strawberries for breakfast which didn't hang around for long, got dressed and off we went again. The bell rang in the playground and she turned to me and said 'mummy, can you wipe the tears from my eyes'. She wasn't so upset and walked into the classroom ok. So yet again I have the morning to myself and am feeling a little lost if I'm honest, but I'm sure we will get used to the changes. I am rather grateful that she is only going part-time as it does give you time to adjust to this big change in our lives.

Looks quite the little lady doesn't she?

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