Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Holiday blues

Well we are well and truly into the school holidays, this week is a quiet one after having a few days away in Hastings.  Les and I used to live in Hastings about 9 years ago and we haven't been back together since, so for us it was quite a time to remember all those memories from way back when.  Monday we spent the morning mooching around the old town (which in my mind is the best part of Hastings) then in the afternoon we went over to Rye which we really enjoyed, such a quaint little place with loads of character.  Tuesday was spent in Brighton I love this place it has some of my favourite shops, it was such a hot day with loads of people on the beach making the most of the weather. Wednesday, Mum and Dad joined us for the day, it's only a 2 hour drive for them so we spent the day around Hastings, doing all the touristy stuff.  Here are some photos from the week:-

Up on West Hill, in Hastings.

Just look at that glorious blue skies, were have they gone!

Banksy's kissing policemen, found near the train station at Brighton.

It has become quite a tradition that when my Mum and Charlotte are at the seaside they always take a paddle in the sea.  I have to say that this was extreme, one minute I watch them splashing at the waters edge and then the next minute they are in the water fully clothed. Not sure what happened something about the tide, and sinking into the pebbles and then being drawn into the sea.  Very funny but scary at how strong the tide can be.  I was the dutiful daughter and went and bought my Mum and Charlotte a change of clothes.

An after shot of Mum in her new clothes!!!!

So I'm feeling a little flat this week after having a lovely week in the sun.  Still I'm off to Mum's next week for a couple of weeks, can't wait to catch up with some friends that I haven't seen for a while.  I also hope that my Brother gets the keys to his new house as I want to help (even if it is to make tea!) and to have a good nosey.

Right I'm off this post has taken ages as blogger has been playing up (again), really does drive me nuts!!!!.

Take care all