Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I must share this

My Sister-in-law is an amazing artist and whilst we visited her over Easter she was completing a picture of some elephants.  She has just recently started to do portraits of family members in pastels and she asked whether I could email across some photos of Charlotte so she could have a go.  I chose a few so she could pick which one was going to be best.  Now I had no idea which one she had picked until the postie came yesterday.  My hands were shaking as I opened the large envelope as I was so excited to see the finished picture. 

Go check out her website she really is a remarkable lady and I'm proud to call her my Sister-in-law.

Les has been away for the past 10 days on business visiting Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand it's been a long trip and I'm looking forward to seeing him tomorrow night.  Thankfully Mum and Dad came up last week which helped the time go more quickly.

I ordered some photos from Photobox last week, now I normally order from Snapfish but I thought I would have a change to see what the quality was like.  I have to say that I like the different size prints that you can order.  I ordered a few 5x5 photos and really like the size, so I created this layout last week with one of them.

Right I'd better run, thank you for dropping by.


Thursday, 12 April 2012

Easter visits

So the past 10 days have been spent visiting family members as well as catching up with friends.  Last week was spent at Mum and Dad's going out and about, I visited a couple of craft shops in the area  Scrap Revolution and It's Crafting Time they are equally very good and picked up a few bits and pieces.  Thursday was spent helping to sort out my parents loft, oh my have they got loads of stuff, admittedly some of it is mine and my brothers.  You would never believe the stuff they have up there that they really don't need but keep it just in case they may need it one day!!!.  I have been storing quite a lot of Charlotte's baby toys and some clothes there, but have decided to give them away to my Mum's friend who has two small granddaughters, I'm really not likely to ever need them again. Good Friday Les joined us and we took Mum and my Sister-in-Law out for lunch to a local pub.  Then in the evening we met up with Suze and Huw and went for a curry.  One thing you are guaranteed when you go out with these guys is plenty of laughs, and laugh we did. 

Saturday we travelled north to Leeds to see Les's Sister and Brother-in-Law to spend a few days with them.  On Sunday they took us along the Leeds and Liverpool canal (just a small section of it!!).  Their daughter and two small Grandsons live a short walk away so they joined us which was great.  Along the way we stopped off at a little tea rooms for a cuppa and a chat I couldn't quite believe that it was open on Easter Sunday and doing a roaring trade.  Really beautiful place, I just love the dark brick of the houses in Yorkshire.

Monday we travelled home, as Les was back to work on the Tuesday.  So for the past few days we have been catching up on the chores, as well as going to the dentist yesterday, replenishing food stocks all the usual stuff, it's amazing how quickly you fall back into domesticated life again!!!.  I am quite pleased with myself though as I have managed to do some jobs that I have been meaning to do for a while like cleaning the wood burner and backing up all my photo's onto a separate driver (Paul if you are reading this I hope you are impressed!!).

I have also been able to create 2 layouts and a 'thank you' card.  My layout was inspired by Glitter Girl: Three scrap strategies back on March 21st.  I sorted the papers out for this layout before I went to Mum's so I could use the Cuttlebug whilst I was there.

Anyway this post seems to of taken me ages to do, my brain doesn't want to function today!!

Thanks as always for stopping by.