Thursday, 29 July 2010

My final sketch

for Twisted sketches has gone live. The twist was 'joy' which I thought was fairly apt for this photography of my Mum and Dad who have just celebrated there 40th Wedding Anniversary last weekend. I think it's quite an achievement now a days to get to 40 years, at times I'm not sure how they have got there but I am sure grateful that they have stayed together.

So we arrived back from Disneyland, Paris late on Tuesday night. We had an absolutely fabulous time, getting the most out of the few days we had there. We had dinner with Mickey which was great, to begin with Charlotte was a little uncertain but she soon relaxed into it and enjoyed it.

These were my favourites, I'm not sure whether it was Chip or Dale but I was very excited. I did however have to remind myself that it was just some person dressed up in a costume! lol.

This one is for my Mum who loves Eeyore.

We watched lots of shows and even went on some rides (which we never thought Charlotte would want to do) but she loved the thrill of the adventure and she showed real confidence towards the end.

and of course it would have been really rude not to have had some Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

I'm off to Mum's for two weeks on Sunday were we are hoping to go on some day trips to the beach and to Hastings for a couple of days to show Charlotte were we used to live. So I hope to be able to share some more photos with you all.

I hope you are all having a good summer holidays.

Be back soon.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A little update

I have been a bad blogger again. Things have been so busy around here that I've barely known whether I've been coming our going. Roll on Friday I say. Les has had to go away again, it was all very last minute mentioning on Thursday that he may have to go to Kenya. Sunday very early in the morning he was off. I just hope there are no delays on his flight on Thursday night as we are flying off to Disney Saturday morning!!!.

It's been very busy at work, with my colleague leaving on Friday, we are managing and all the children are all fed and watered all within the time scale which is the main thing. We had parents evening last night, which went very well and I'm so proud of what Charlotte has achieved this year.

This layout I have incorporated with one of Shimelle's sketches as well as last weeks UKS weekly challenge. I really haven't managed to play along massively with Shimelle's classes but I have printed out the sketches and aim to have a go at them at some stage.

Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

School report

Its been a really long week, but luckily we have tomorrow off as the school is closed for an inset day. Les and I went to watch Charlotte in her school assembly this morning, which was fab and again she done very well. We also got her school report today and to be honest we couldn't expect anything better from her. We just have to work on her confidence with her but she is only 5 and has come so far over the past year. Funnily enough her teacher said that she was very creative!!. Do you think that's got anything to do with my influence on her?

Twisted Sketch went live last night and here is my take on the sketch. The twist was texture. Check out everyone's layouts here.

A close up shot of all the details, I loved making the twirly bits I used florist wire and curled around my piercing tool.

We have been picking these from the garden, but haven't seen many of them as this little tinker has been eating them!!

We have had our first crop of runner beans too which we had for our tea last night. I love runner beans and there is nothing better than to go into the garden pick them, prepare them and then eat them. I just wish I had a bigger garden so I could grow more veggies.

I'm home alone tonight so I'm going to finish of my last Twisted Sketch.
Take care.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Monday blues....

Do you ever have the Monday blues?? We have had such a busy weekend that waking up this morning and realising that it was Monday, and wondered how quickly it had came round again. We've been busy thinking and buying new bits and pieces for Charlotte's bedroom. Bless her she is still in her cot bed and is rapidly running out of space in it. At the moment she has our wardrobes (which are huge) and a futon in her room, so we have figured that we have got to downsize the wardrobes and get rid of the futon. Yesterday was spent at Ikea purchasing new wardrobes and thinking about storage. We live in a two bedroom house which comes with pretty much no storage at all, which makes life very difficult at times. We couldn't believe that the delivery cost was only going to be £5 which in all honesty made us pull our fingers out and order them. There is just a small issue of were all the stuff is going from our old wardrobes. I know we have to do it, but this does mean a mass sort out which being a hoarder isn't easy!!.

I did manage to finish my layout from last week. Really like these pictures of Charlotte on holiday sitting amongst the buttercups. Again I have used several brands of patterned paper.

Several months ago when I took part in Cheryl Johnsons beginners photo course I took a photo of Charlotte but I was just not completely happy with it as it was slightly blurry. So today I asked Charlotte if she would pose for me and see if we can get a good photo again.

and it all ended in this................

On Saturday we walked down to the river as it was the annual river festival. Charlotte saw loads of her little friends and the atmosphere was great. Had to take these photos from the bridge as I couldn't get the depth I wanted by the river.

Right I have to fly as I need to collect Charlotte from school.

As always thanks for stopping by.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Sports Day

Yesterday was Charlotte's first sports day. Sports day at her school is a full day of activities and is a really family day out with bouncy castles, icecream van and even a pig roast for the adults. After I dropped her off at school in the morning with her waterproof jacket I really thought it was going to be a wash out, but it soon warmed up and became very hot for them. She took part in all the activities in the morning and seemed quite happy with everything. I obviously can't post any photos on here for legal reasons, but did manage to get some snaps of her without any other children beside her. We are rather fortunate that we are allowed to take photos of our children, as some schools have banned cameras and video recorders.

I have been struggling all week with my eye. I have had two trips to the doctors two lots of drops and it's still causing me problems. Yesterday it felt as though it was improving and it wasn't causing me to many problems, but when I woke this morning it felt so sore and painful. The Doctor is treating it like conjunctivitis with antibotics (although I don't think it is that as I don't have any of the symptoms) and so I can't work at the school until it is cleared. If it's not better by Monday I've got to go back and they will then refer me to the eye hospital, I really hope it doesn't come to that but if it feels like it does now I'll be back down there. It's so frustrating.

I hope you all have a good weekend. I'll be back next week with something to share with you.

Take care.


Monday, 5 July 2010

Have you seen the new

Charlotte 100 camera!!. It's made with a box, an egg box, milk bottle top, length of wool and some coloured paper. Bless her Charlotte was rummaging through the recyling bin pulling out a pizza box and a milk bottle top to make a camera. So this is what we ended up with and she is thrilled with it. It's amazing how a child gets so much pleasure from a box, although I am thinking of putting a padlock on our recycling bin as I keep throwing it out and it somehow ends up back in the house!! lol.

On Saturday I went off to the Bromsgrove crop and had a fantastic time. After my last post on here feeling a little down about scrapping I suddenly realised sitting amongst friends on Saturday that this is why I scrap. I have met some lovely people through this great hobby and I'm very grateful for that. It was a very productive day too, I managed to get a CJ and a weekly challenge done. For this challenge you needed to use circles, more than two things, to use some bling and to use a Shakespeare's quote. My Mum came up with this quote and said it would be perfect with a picture of Charlotte asleep. I have used the new Girl Paperie collection which I just love (so much so I have ordered some more). The colours look very wishy washy on here but it looks really soft and sweet in real life.

Right I'm off to make a cuppa, anyone want one???

Take care