Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Jubilee Day

So today at Charlotte's school they are celebrating the Diamond Jubilee. They have had to go dressed up for the occasion.  Charlotte isn't really into dressing up so she opted for dressing in red, white and blue.  We bought her a lovely t-shirt with the union jack on with the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye on. She looked sweet. I asked her to stand straight like a soldier and this is what I got!!

I took one with my Polaroid and then asked her to hold it, again it took several goes as she seemed to have had silly cereal for breakfast!!!!

So on the crafting front, not much has been happening on the scrapbooking front.  I've been wanting to crochet something for a while and to put to good use all the wool I have bought. So whilst blog hopping I saw that Sheena was crocheting a bloom cushion, I wasn't sure whether I could do it, but thought I would have a go.  I pulled the pattern from Lucy at Attic24's blog (she's amazing), it was a challenge, but once I got the hang of it I loved it.  I may make another one in my bedroom colours. 

This weather has been glorious and we have been making the most of it, we have been eating our evening meal outside which has been great. Charlotte has been enjoying the weather too, she wanted her swimming goggles on in the paddling pool, I did tried to persuade her that she really didn't need them for an inch of water!

We have been visiting some National Trust properties in the area, Snowshill Manor, Hidcote Gardens (which is beautiful) and Charlecote Park.  I'll share some photos really soon, once I've edited them.

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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

7 years ago....

Les and I got married.  It was a beautiful sunny and warm day with not a cloud in the sky.  It was a fairly small affair with family and close friends only.  Thinking back I wouldn't of changed anything other than having a professional photographer, but at the time Charlotte was only 6 months old and as you know babies are very expensive!!.  So the only photos I have are from my film camera and disposables which were on the table.  I made this layout last year when I was following Shimelle's 4x6 photo love.  The layout contains 7 photos, which was from the month of July.

It makes me giggle but on every photo you look at, my Dad is holding Charlotte, no one else got a look in!!

So here we are 7 years on, still very much in love.  Thanks Charlotte for the photo!!

Thanks for letting me share with you all our special day.


Thursday, 10 May 2012

10 things on the 10th

I haven't done 10 things on the 10th for a couple of months.  As it was Bank Holiday last weekend I managed to take some photos of some things that are really special to me.  So here are my 10 favourite possessions.

1.  This box belonged to my Grandmother and contains things from her life.  There are Birthday cards, telegrams, my Dad's first pay packet, photos of family, school work from when my Dad was at school, letters, appointment cards, identity cards, ration books as well as her arm band and badge from when she was a fire watcher in WWII.  I love this little Christmas box, sadly she is no longer with us but I feel close to her when I look through and smile at some of the things that she kept.

2.  My orange teddy is as old as me if a little older.  I recently found him again in the loft at my parents house.  My older cousin won this ted at the fair and gave it to my Mum for me.

3. My iPod, I love music, and think the world would be a lonely place with out it.  I love the way a certain song you may hear, triggers feelings, memories and emotions.

4. I've always admired the ladies jade bangles at our local Chinese restaurant.  So when Les went to Hong Kong a few years ago, he bought me one back.

5. My scan photos of baby C, what else can I say other than precious!  She's even waving at you all!!

6. Disney cards, yep we had them too, but not from a supermarket but from P.G Tips.  I love this little book, I just wished I had all of the cards.  Does anyone else remember these?  How about the toys in cereal boxes?, my Brother always seemed to find them first without even eating any cereal, hmm strange!!!

7. This necklace and bracelet was made by Charlotte.  Quite frankly you can't buy this can you? Very special and 'yes I would wear them out'.  The blue sweetie wrapper is apparently the cleaning cloth!!!

8. My Roberts Radio, I've had this for about 9 years and can honestly say that it's been used every day.

9. This was my first watch, bought by my Grandad when I was around 6 or 7. I loved this watch, it still works as well as still fitting on my wrist.

10. I recently found my Twinkle annual from 1985.  As soon as I started flicking through the book I instantly knew the story and the pictures and which story was my favourite.

I hope you have enjoyed my 10 most treasured items today.  Go check out shimelle's blog to see what other people have put up for there 10 things.

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Saturday, 5 May 2012


I've seen some lovely work using the sunburst technique and knew I had to have a go and try to interpret my own version.  I've been working on it all week, due to all the hand stitching on each piece of patterned paper, I know I'm mad for doing it by hand but I just don't trust myself with my sewing machine, I need more practice I guess.  I did find it quite restricting on what embellishments to put on the layout as I didn't want anything that was going to distract away from the sunburst so decided on using some words which best represent Charlotte.  This photo of her was taken exactly a year ago, you can just make out that she was wearing a summer dress and a little cardi, hmm couldn't do that today.  I shan't complain about the weather we all know how terrible it has been over the past 2 weeks, here in the UK.

Whatever you are up to this Bank holiday, enjoy.

As usual thanks for stopping by, it is appreciated.