Monday, 28 March 2011

Were did the weekend go to?

I guess it always does when you're having fun. We set off for Hay-on-Wye on Saturday morning, weaving our way through the countryside which made such a pleasant change, rather than travelling on the motorway. Although, there is a downside to going on the little rural roads, poor Charlotte suffers from travel sickness which isn't nice for her, luckily we were nearly at Hay before she was feeling really rough.

What a lovely little place Hay is, I just loved all the book and vintage shops. I managed to pick up some old books, maps, music sheets, buttons and some cotton reels. It's a place were you can mooch around and has a very relaxed atmosphere. I shall be going back!!!.

Look what I found, buttons galore!!

We saw this viaduct at Ledbury, not a brilliant photo as it was taking from the car whilst moving.

As we all know it's Mother's Day this coming Sunday. Which has got me thinking about my relationship with Charlotte and also with my own Mum. So last week I made this canvas of me and Charlotte, using the saying 'A Mother holds her daughters hand for a while but her heart forever'. I know she is still young but as she gets older she needs me just a little bit less as she gets more and more independent. Anyway I have another busy week ahead with Parents Evening on Thursday and yet another meeting at school on Wednesday. I have nothing planned tomorrow morning so I plan to craft and hopefully create a layout.

Take care all.


Arrgghh this spacing is driving me crazy, please excuse the gaps between the text and photos.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Thank goodness it's Friday

Don't you just love Friday's?. I love to sit here knowing that I haven't got to get up early for the school run, or make sandwiches, reading books, spellings, need I go on? It's been another busy week, I think I should have a bed at Charlotte's school, it seems like I'm spending more time there than I am at home at the moment. lol. Charlotte had her class assembly today, they were acting out 'Where wild things are'. They were fantastic, it's amazing what the teachers get them to do in such a short space of time. Tomorrow we are off to Hay-on-Wye nether Les or I have been there and we both love books, we are then spending the night in Hereford which isn't that far away from us but far enough that you feel like you've had a break away. I just hope this gorgeous weather we have been having holds out for us. Charlotte has been asking to go and ride her bike at the local woods for the past few weeks, but what with one thing and another we only managed to go last Saturday. She has had her bike for a couple of years, but is only really showing interest in it now, so we are trying to encourage her to use it and ride it as much as possible. It's the first real time that I've been able to use my new lense outside and I'm loving experimenting with it. I love this shot as it looks kind of mystical, shame there's a strand of hair floating by her eye. I love her eyes in this one, her hair looks so long. She had it trimmed on Tuesday it looks much tidier. Les took this one of me, I think I was watching and listening to Charlotte moaning about it being hard work pedalling such a long way!. This layout is based from the sketch from Shimelle's blog. This month we had to use 2 4x6 photo's, it should start to get interesting as each month another photo is added. I have done a few other bits but haven't had chance to take a photo of them yet. Have a lovely weekend. Cx

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

I've done it again

I haven't posted for a while have I, in my defense it has been rather busy as Les has been away on business and family have been here to. So as you can imagine this little lady was super pleased to see her Daddy on Thursday. Just look at that gappy smile, the tooth fairy had to come again over the weekend!!.

Whilst my Mum and Dad were here my Mum was showing Charlotte how to knit, she picked it up extremely quickly and was really keen. She wants to knit her dolly a scarf, it's such a shame that I'm naff at knitting, I can remember having the same lessons from Mum, but think I was more interested in pieces of paper and glue!!. Somethings never changes.

I haven't had much chance to craft although I did go to the Bromsgrove Cropaganza were the lovely Kirsty Wiseman taught some classes. My favourite was the canvas and this is my take on it, it's slightly different to Kirsty's as I have put a photo on mine.

I did also manage to complete a layout that I had started from a Pencil Lines sketch.

I have been admiring altered art work from Christy Tomlinson. I missed out on the first 'She Art Workshop' but have enrolled on the second one which starts in April, I'm so excited. Sarah at the Bromsgrove crop showed us some of the art work she had created and it was stunning, she really did inspire me to have a go. The thing is that I had itchy fingers and couldn't wait for April, so I watched a couple of Christy's videos to see some of the techniques and came up with this. By golly I have a long way to go but I'm pleased with my first attempt.

Right enough of me rambling on. Thanks for popping by.


Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Happy Hump Day

I can't believe we are half way through this week and the children have been back at school for 3 days already. Time just seems to fly by at the moment. I have to admit that I have been neglecting my blog, really since the start of the year, so I shall try harder to update it a little more often.

Last week was half term so I travelled down to see Mum and Dad and spent the week with them. I do enjoy catching up with my family as well as some close friends I have known since school. So lots of eating out, lots of Mum's cooking (can't beat a bit of Mum's cooking, especially her roasts, yum). As you can imagine not much crafting happened last week, but I guess I like the freedom of that if I don't want to do anything one week it's not a problem and I do find I'm much more refreshed with more ideas. I did visit a couple of craft shops whilst at Mum's and do have to say that I love Scrap Revolutions in Baldock, it's not a very big shop but has loads and loads of up to the minute brands. Go check it out here for a nosey. I've seen quite a few things that I wished I had purchased but didn't, so I might have to place an order this week. :)

Well Les is off on his travels again, all very last minute, flights only booked Monday flying today. He's off to Indonesia and then off to Malaysia, he will be back late next week. We had a really busy weekend planned too so I have had to call and cancel friends on Sunday :(. Saturday I'm going to the Cropaganza over at Bromsgrove were Kirsty Wiseman is teaching, I'm very excited about this and really wasn't going to miss it. So I've had to persuaded Mum and Dad to come up and look after Charlotte for me (not much persuading really they love to spend time with her) whilst I go to the Crop.

Here's a layout I created before I went away. I can't get enough of these black and white photos of Charlotte.

Made this sweet card, not quite sure for who.

I've had this blank pendant for years and finally got round to doing something with it. I filled it with a cardstock heart with some vintage papers and then added a metal crown, however the colour has come out of the metal and turned it green. At first I wasn't sure but now I think that it adds to it. The metal flower were cheap children earrings which were on sale at Asda for 50p I have another 2 pairs too.

Right I'd better think of something for tea, any ideas anyone?

Take care and thanks as always for stopping by it is appreciated.