Monday, 29 November 2010

So excited

I have taken the plunge this year and have decided to JYC (Journal Your Christmas) with Shimelle. This looks amazing and I'm so looking forward to it, I have already created my journal cover as well as the story page. I love the month of December and what's a better way than to record all the special things that happen. I also want to remember the past Christmases and all the traditions that go with it. I just really hope that I manage to keep up and don't get to far behind, I have loads of ideas so I really want to complete it. I hope you are all going to keep a close eye on me :)

The other exciting news is that some of you may of remembered that I was part of the Twisted Sketches team earlier in the year. Anam who creates all the sketches and runs the website had a fantastic idea to have an App for scrapbook pages so no matter where you are you can always be inspired. I was so pleased to be asked to create some layouts as examples for this new app. Unfortunately, it is only available to download onto Iphones, and as I have a Blackberry I have to wait a little while longer before I can have a copy as they are still developing the software for other phones. So watch this space. The link to purchase the App is here

So how are your preparations going for Christmas? Just a few last bits and pieces needed now. Charlotte is still working hard on her lines for the production next week. She had a little wobble last week and she got very upset but I'm hoping that she has got that out of her system and will cope okay when it comes to the big performance. To say that I will be nervous will be an understatement, but immensely proud!!

I will be back later in the week with an update of how I'm getting on with my JYC.

Wish me luck!!


Monday, 22 November 2010

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

I've had the best weekend ever. We spent it with my old school buddie Suze and her new husband Huw. She hasn't changed at all, still the same Suze I knew at school, we spent loads of time together in the sixth form and got up to lots of mischief together. We were both doing the same business course and have lots of happy memories. We lost contact as you do when you are young, but then earlier in the year thanks to Facebook we were able to chat and to catch up. I was honoured to be at her wedding back in September and to share her special day with her and Huw, who is just the funniest guy. She is a very special person and I'm glad we have found one another again and to hopefully carry on our friendship.

Huw sulked when I didn't get in the photo, but this is what happened when I did!.

So Christmas isn't that far off is it? Can't quite believe how quickly it has come round again. I love all the hype of Christmas and love all the special things that happen in the run up to the big day. I have loads to do and as I had a quite few moments this morning I thought I would make up the gifts for Charlotte's teachers. I had this idea and already had the cellophane I didn't really want to just give them chocolates as everyone tends to do that. I bought some really lovely notebooks from Paperchase and wrapped them up with a few chocs too. You can't really see them that well in this photo, but they look okay and a little different.

I saw Delia Smith advertise her Christmas cake on tv last week. She is selling the cake with all the ingredients already weighed out, which I think is a brilliant idea, as it tends to costs a fortune for all the stuff you need, and I always end up with loads of left over fruit etc. For £10 I was happy to give it a go, all you have to add is 5 eggs, butter, orange and lemon. Charlotte has an inset day from school on Friday so I plan to bake it then.

I haven't managed to do any crafting yet, but I'm hoping for a crafty morning tomorrow.
Take care all.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Children in Need Day

As if you didn't know it's Children in Need day and the children at Charlotte's school had to dress in something yellow or spotty. I found this slightly difficult as I always think that yellow is a spring, summer colour so she had no yellow tops, she had no spotty tops either. I didn't really want to buy anything new just for one day so I decided to improvise. Last year I used my circle punch to punch out different coloured spots and then popped some double sided tape on the back and then stuck them on. This year I wanted to do something different, and thought of buttons, I have literally hundreds of them so I sifted through them and choose all different sizes and sat and stitched them on. Here she was this morning full of the joys.

Think this was her mean and moody look!

Then it all got to much and ended up like this.

This layout has been on the go for over a week so I sat down last night to finish it off. It was one of those layouts that just didn't flow right, if you know what I mean. Fairly happy with the finished result and just love the photo. Just look at Charlotte's face loving her Daddy. This was taken on our last day at Disneyland back in July. We were waiting for our transfer back to the airport when I snapped her with Les, she just couldn't leave him alone.

Little close up shot of the detail.

Have been busy sorting the house today as we have friends staying over at the weekend. I'm so looking forward to it, especially not cooking tomorrow night, off to the local curry house for a Balti.

Anyway take care all, will be back next week.


Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Photo overload

I promised some layouts and here they are. I just love the pink and lime green on this layout, although the colour isn't very good as the light hasn't been brilliant over the past few days.

Another layout with this photo, it's my favourite at the moment and I just love it in Black and White. Again the red is more of a dark red than it is on here, but you get the idea. Loved using lots of Jenni Bowlin products on this one.

With this layout I used lots of old stash which feels great. A couple of weeks back I had a mass sort out of my crafting stuff and re-organised how I store all my stash, it seems to be working a lot better. I've filed my papers by colour rather than brand, put all my chipboard into one big bag and it's good to have a rummage knowing that they are all together.

Of course that big occasion is just a few weeks away now and so I have made a few cards.

A huge welldone to my Mum she has finally got to her target weight, the last 1/2 stone has really taken a while to shift but she has stayed so focused. I don't think I have ever met anyone who has been so determined so welldone Mum. X

A couple of posts ago I promised you photos of the quilt Mum is making for Charlotte's bed. It's growing everytime I see it and to think that she has stitched it all by hand.
I think that's quite enough photos for one post.
Thanks for popping by.

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Catch up

It's been a while and whilst my machine is still not right I have managed to download some photos using the camera card placing it directly into my p.c which seems to be working fine. Better than putting it back to factory settings which is what the Techguys suggested, I have no faith in them what so ever.

Had a fantastic time in Blackpool, even if it did chuck it down with rain. I loved the footie I love the live games but can't be bothered when it's on the television. The illuminations were great and believe that everyone should see them at least once.

Charlotte is working hard at school for her Christmas production and she has a rather big part, she is one of the narrators, I just hope she doesn't get stage fright and freezes. I can't wait to see her but she has a fair few lines to learn so we are going through them every evening when she gets back from school. Bless her I'm so proud of her, she has come so far in such a short space of time. I really can't fault her new teacher she is working so hard to boost her confidence.

We have had a lovely weekend going to Cheltenham to do some Christmas shopping I have really broken the back of it now so I'm relatively happy. Just need to get bits and pieces. Today we had good friends round for dinner which is always so enjoyable if a little tiring.

I will leave you for now with some layouts that I done weeks ago. I have 3 more layouts and some cards to photograph and will update later in the week.

Thanks for your patience, take care all.


Thursday, 4 November 2010

I'm back (well sort of)

with a working laptop, yay. I would of had it back sooner only it was returned un-fixed and so it had to go back again. This firm have been mentioned quite a bit on Watchdog just recently so I was a little concerned. Anyway I had a call last week whilst on half term at my parents to say that it was fixed. Bearing in mind it was only the back lights on the monitor which had gone, when I switched on the laptop they had removed my antivirus protection which has now been resolved, but the biggest issue is that I now can't download my photos onto my computer. A document has been damaged on the registry. Not sure what this means but a little trip back up to the store will be made tonight to see what they are going to do about it. So whilst I am back with a computer, I can not share any of my layouts or cards I have been busy making whilst without my laptop.

Was it just me or did October just whizz by in a flash??. I have a feeling that November will be the same, every weekend this month we have something on. We have friends visiting, Birthday party's, football matches to go to. This weekend we are going up to see Blackpool Illuminations, I can wait, I'm so excited, it's the last weekend they will be on. We are meeting family up there, in the afternoon, we will go and watch the Blackpool v Everton football match. My family are all avid Blackpool supporters (well you just get swept along with all the enthusiasm you can't be of it) and Les is an Everton supporter. It should be good, I just hope Blackpool play well and give them a good fight.

What else has been happening, well last week was half term which was a really needed break, I went down with the lurgy the last day of term which meant I didn't go into school at lunchtime. On the mend now though and it didn't spoil our plans last week. Charlotte and I went down to my parents, then Les followed down on the Tuesday evening he had work commitments that he couldn't get out of. Wednesday Les and I went to Norwich for a couple of days which was great, we saw the castle, went to the cinema and dare I say it started some Christmas shopping. Charlotte had a great time with my Mum and Dad, but have to say that my poor Dad looked exhausted when we went to collect her on Friday.

Whilst at Mum's I took some photos of the quilt she is making for Charlotte's bed, I'm just sorry that I can't share them just yet, but they will be worth the wait. It's growing rapidly and has all been stitched by hand. Such a talented Mum I have. On that note I'm so proud of Mum, she is nearly at her target weight, it's been a tough couple of weeks as the weight hasn't wanted to move but she only has 1/2 pound to lose. So good luck Mum for next week.

The last week of term we went to see Charlotte's teacher, she is doing so well especially in her reading she is achieving way above what she should be for her age so again I'm so proud of her. She seems so much happy in year 1, probably because they are learning more rather than just playing. Just waiting to hear what this years Christmas production will be, as well as the Christmas panto to. Such a lovely time of year coming up for the kiddies.

Thanks for your patience.