Friday, 16 October 2009

Yey it's Friday

I'm so glad it's Friday I had a real problem getting out of bed this morning, in the end I had to drag myself out if not I think I would have still been there!. So tomorrow we are planning to go to Stratford to try and get Charlotte some shoes. Whilst we were in Solihull last week we couldn't see anything special, I would like her to have some boots, but oh no she wants shoes. A certain shoe shop is very limited and are becoming very old fashioned in my opinion.

I have a few things on next week. Monday we have parents evening at the school to see how Charlotte has settled in, I'm hoping everything is okay, I'm sure it is. Tuesday afternoon I have school, then my big bro is coming up and staying with us for the evening. He occasionally works in Cheltenham and rather than booking a hotel he comes and stays with us, I really enjoy it and we catch up with our news. It's rather strange when we were growing up we couldn't stand each other, but now we are older we actually get on and enjoy one another's company (as long as it's in short bursts haha). I admire him and wish I was more like him, we are like chalk and cheese. I could worry for Britain and Paul well he's so laid back he's almost horizontal!

Still not much happening on the scrapbooking front. Have been playing around with a few things but nothing really constructive going on, I'm hoping that I will have some time over the weekend to create.

Scrapbook Inspirations was out today and this layout was in the Readers Gallery. You can't really make it out from this photo but the flowers are curled and layered. Not a particularly good photo of me, but Fiona looks stunning.

Have a good weekend.


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