Wednesday, 7 October 2009


So I went to school yesterday afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed myself. The children and teachers were so friendly, one little boy came running over to me and threw his arms around my waist, what a welcome!. Another child came and showed me his special things he had bought in for show and tell. It really was a great feeling. The children are mixed abilities which is what you would expect but all have there own little characters. I'm really hoping this will be long term so I can see them grow and progress, especially in there reading. I'm seriously thinking about going back to College and get a qualification so I could at least be a teaching assistant. It would mean a complete career change for me, but that's just fine, I'm not even sure I want to go back to what I was doing before having Charlotte. Anyway just a thought at the moment, let's see how things go.

Anyway onto scrapbooking. On Saturday Debbie handed around a sketch that we could follow if we wanted. Well I didn't manage to do much at the crop except cut out the papers (I'm quite a slow scrapbooker). This is my take on the sketch. Really enjoyed messing around with the paint, I went a little heavy handed in one place but it's okay, I like the effect it's made. I had so much of the Cosmo Cricket paper left over from doing the layout the other day I decided to use it up.

Les and I are planning a few days in Amsterdam in the half term holiday which I'm really looking forward to. Nearly everything is sorted, we booked the hotel last night just the car park now to do. My Mum and Dad are going to look after Charlotte for the duration, I'm not sure who's more excited, my parents or Charlotte!

Anyway I'm gonna try and make some tomato soup for tonight's tea, we've had loads and loads from our plants this year so I'm trying to put them to good use. Wish me luck!.

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  1. Go for it Claire, it sounds like you'd be a great TA. You will be amazed by their progress it's incredible. Lovely LO, Charlotte is such a cutie x