Thursday, 8 October 2009

Live and Learn

Well I done it I made tomato soup last night, and it turned out really well, with only a few other ingredients other than the tomatoes it was a really cheap meal and it was really healthy. It's nice to eat something that you know where the ingredients have come from. Now before I declare that I'm a domestic goddess I did have a few problems mainly with the mixer, I don't own a hand held one just a food mixer that I've made smoothies in before. Everything was going really well until I turned the mixer on, I really should have allowed the soup to cool as there was so much steam that when I turned on the machine it shot out everywhere and I mean everywhere. I had a lovely orange tinge to my once nice white kitchen ceiling!. To do this once was silly, to do it twice was just stupidity!!. I've said before I was prone to blond moments and this was definitely one of those times!

Anyway I will post some layouts tomorrow.

Take Care

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  1. I can relate to your blonde moment, I have many. Your soup looks yum though :) xx