Friday, 28 August 2009

I'm home again

from having nearly 2 weeks at Mum and Dad's and feel very refreshed and relaxed. Les took yesterday off work so we could have a long weekend together we met him nice and early on the A14, said our goodbyes to Mum and Dad and headed off to IKEA. I was very good I only got what I needed had some lunch and then came home. I do have to say a massive thank you to my Mum and Dad they have been brilliant to us over the past couple of weeks, especially looking after and playing with Charlotte I know she has had lots of fun with you. You know it's really appreciated.

As promised from earlier in the week, below is my layout which I took part in for the sketch challenge in Scrapbook Inspirations this month.

Whilst we have been away Les has been busy taking out our fireplace (which was horrendously ugly) getting it ready for our new burner to be installed in a couple of weeks time. I really can't wait as this house really isn't the warmest. If I'm being completely honest I was a little concerned about Les tackling this job as he is not DIY minded at all, but I came home to this and I think he has made a pretty good job and there was no mess at all, so I was very impressed!.

Not much else happening really, except for we are going to our next door neighbours wedding on Monday, I love a good wedding and they are a really lovely couple so I'm dead pleased for them.

Anyway I will leave you with the layout I made at Mum's last week, the picture quality isn't brilliant as it was taken last night. I'm pleased how it's turned out, what do you think?

Thanks as always for stopping by.


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