Saturday, 15 August 2009

Home is where the heart is

It's true home is really where the heart is. For this weeks Pencil lines sketch I used My little shoebox papers My Neighbour range. I used a picture which has been waiting to be scrapped since last year when we had snow in April. I love our little home it's small but has great character to it. Everyone that lives in the cottages are really friendly and we all take in parcels for one another, as well as looking after each others pets when we are away it really has a lovely neighbourly spirit about it which I think is very rare now a days.

I'm getting ready to go to Mum and Dad's tomorrow. I have packed most of my scrapbooking stuff that I think I will need, but as I said previously I'm likely to want something that I haven't packed, anyway I think a little trip to Capture the Magic in Soham is on the agenda which is always good fun (not so much fun for poor dad who sits in the car and waits for us!).

Anyway I think we are off for a walk now whilst the weather is good.


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