Tuesday, 24 November 2009

What makes you smile?

Whilst blog hopping last night and catching up with some of the blogs I read I noticed that Beki had given me this award, thanks Beki it certainly made me smile.

So apparently I have to tell you 5 random things about me.

1. The name Topsy was a childhood nickname given to me by my Grandad. Named after the doll that kept growing.

2. I love fishfingers, mash and beans. It reminds me of my childhood.

3. I was an auntie at 14. My nephew is now 17 and has the most gorgeous brown eyes.

4. When I was at school, I learnt to play the violin (very badly) with my friend for life Nat.

5. At the age of 23 I flew to Singapore on my own for a business trip were I meet up with a strange man who is now my husband!

Now I have to forward it onto 5 people, so here goes:-

Deb who I have recently met through Scrapagogo and who just lives up the road from me. http://debbiedayz.blogspot.com/

Sue Deacon who does the most amazing layouts

Liberty is a very talented scrapper who I admire alot

Jackie who has that infectious laugh and always brightens up our crop

Sarah who has made me so welcome at the crop

I haven't been up to much but have finished off these Christmas cards for Charlotte's teachers. The stamps are from Cute Companions (thanks Mum for getting me hooked) and they are so lovely to work with. I water coloured them, which I love to do. I then used some flower soft to make it look like snow. What do you think? Not to bad as I don't make many cards!!!

Off to school in a bit to see the children. I'm also going in tomorrow afternoon to help finish off the scenery for the Nativity play.

Will be back soon.


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  1. aah, how sweet. a little tear in my eye now!