Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Girl in Red

The layout below is my take on last weeks Twisted sketch #22. I have had these photo's for nearly a year. It was taken on the day that Charlotte had her Birthday party last year. She was full of cold as you can see from her little face, bless her. I'm so looking forward to getting the Christmas tree this year, it's always quite a big thing in our house. I love to go and pick the tree which is normally way to big for our living room, but I just love it. It has become quite a standing joke now, but most of our friends make the point of coming over just to see how big the tree is!.

The picture quality isn't all that great as the light is terrible today.

I went into school this afternoon. The kids are great, they just come and swamp you, but one little girl came over to me and said that she couldn't remember what my name was so she had been calling me Mrs Crumpet at home!! lol. Kids say the most wonderful things, I love it. Now Charlotte is practicing for her nativity play which will be in 4 weeks time, I keep asking her what part she is playing but all I get in return is "I can't remember". So today I spoke to the teaching assistant to see what part she will be. She looked it up on her long sheet and said that she was going to be an Angel, I giggled and she asked why I was laughing. I replied "she really is no angel"!. It's a lovely feeling though as some of the girls are planets which would have probably have suited Charlotte more as she is a bit of tom-boy. She really doesn't do dresses, and she has never shown any interest in dressing up clothes nor will she let me do anything with her hair. It is amazing what the teachers can persuade them to do I just can't wait to see her oh and the photo opportunities. Oh I'm so excited.

Anyway my parents are on there way so I'm looking forward to having some time to chat before Charlotte comes out of school.

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  1. Lovely LO Claire. Hope the nativity goes really well, I'm so looking forward to ours. Just make sure you take your tissues!!! xxx

  2. LOL Mrs Crumpet!! Good to see you today - another lovely LO. x