Monday, 29 November 2010

So excited

I have taken the plunge this year and have decided to JYC (Journal Your Christmas) with Shimelle. This looks amazing and I'm so looking forward to it, I have already created my journal cover as well as the story page. I love the month of December and what's a better way than to record all the special things that happen. I also want to remember the past Christmases and all the traditions that go with it. I just really hope that I manage to keep up and don't get to far behind, I have loads of ideas so I really want to complete it. I hope you are all going to keep a close eye on me :)

The other exciting news is that some of you may of remembered that I was part of the Twisted Sketches team earlier in the year. Anam who creates all the sketches and runs the website had a fantastic idea to have an App for scrapbook pages so no matter where you are you can always be inspired. I was so pleased to be asked to create some layouts as examples for this new app. Unfortunately, it is only available to download onto Iphones, and as I have a Blackberry I have to wait a little while longer before I can have a copy as they are still developing the software for other phones. So watch this space. The link to purchase the App is here

So how are your preparations going for Christmas? Just a few last bits and pieces needed now. Charlotte is still working hard on her lines for the production next week. She had a little wobble last week and she got very upset but I'm hoping that she has got that out of her system and will cope okay when it comes to the big performance. To say that I will be nervous will be an understatement, but immensely proud!!

I will be back later in the week with an update of how I'm getting on with my JYC.

Wish me luck!!



  1. Waaaaa spooky!! I downloaded that last night (well the freebie version anyway!!)
    I have done JYC a few times, it's lovely to look back on each year. Not sure I will have a chance this year being as it's December tomorrow!!

  2. You'll love it!! This is my second year and I enjoyed it soooooo much last year!!
    I'm loving the app by the way! It is amazing!! I even spotted one of your layouts in the first day of using it :0)

  3. I did JYC back in 2006 and meant to do it again each year but never managed it! I think I put myself off by making mine a full blown giant 12x12 album! But I love it. Last year I did a simple photo capture each day and made up a really simple little thing. But this year am planning to try a sort of mix of JYC and December Daily so it's great to know of a few people who are up for it too!

    BTW I have to ask - did you make this wonderful blog background yourself? I have been wanting to jazz mine up a bit and I LOVE the idea of including a map and special bits and pieces. It looks fantastic!

  4. Looks like you have an exciting few weeks ahead Claire.
    I have loved doing JYC every year and look forward to seeing your journal take shape.
    Have fun doing it.
    Good luck for Charlotte (and you) next week.
    Congratulations on the App too, I have an Ipad on my Christmas wish list, if I am really lucky I will get it and be able to play along.

  5. I downloaded this app last week but haven't had chance to have a good look yet. The sketches look fab will look out for yours now I know. See you Saturday.

  6. Enjoy doing JYC, its a lovely time of the year to journal. Wishing Charlotte lots of luck with her school production next week, I hope it all goes well xxx