Thursday, 4 November 2010

I'm back (well sort of)

with a working laptop, yay. I would of had it back sooner only it was returned un-fixed and so it had to go back again. This firm have been mentioned quite a bit on Watchdog just recently so I was a little concerned. Anyway I had a call last week whilst on half term at my parents to say that it was fixed. Bearing in mind it was only the back lights on the monitor which had gone, when I switched on the laptop they had removed my antivirus protection which has now been resolved, but the biggest issue is that I now can't download my photos onto my computer. A document has been damaged on the registry. Not sure what this means but a little trip back up to the store will be made tonight to see what they are going to do about it. So whilst I am back with a computer, I can not share any of my layouts or cards I have been busy making whilst without my laptop.

Was it just me or did October just whizz by in a flash??. I have a feeling that November will be the same, every weekend this month we have something on. We have friends visiting, Birthday party's, football matches to go to. This weekend we are going up to see Blackpool Illuminations, I can wait, I'm so excited, it's the last weekend they will be on. We are meeting family up there, in the afternoon, we will go and watch the Blackpool v Everton football match. My family are all avid Blackpool supporters (well you just get swept along with all the enthusiasm you can't be of it) and Les is an Everton supporter. It should be good, I just hope Blackpool play well and give them a good fight.

What else has been happening, well last week was half term which was a really needed break, I went down with the lurgy the last day of term which meant I didn't go into school at lunchtime. On the mend now though and it didn't spoil our plans last week. Charlotte and I went down to my parents, then Les followed down on the Tuesday evening he had work commitments that he couldn't get out of. Wednesday Les and I went to Norwich for a couple of days which was great, we saw the castle, went to the cinema and dare I say it started some Christmas shopping. Charlotte had a great time with my Mum and Dad, but have to say that my poor Dad looked exhausted when we went to collect her on Friday.

Whilst at Mum's I took some photos of the quilt she is making for Charlotte's bed, I'm just sorry that I can't share them just yet, but they will be worth the wait. It's growing rapidly and has all been stitched by hand. Such a talented Mum I have. On that note I'm so proud of Mum, she is nearly at her target weight, it's been a tough couple of weeks as the weight hasn't wanted to move but she only has 1/2 pound to lose. So good luck Mum for next week.

The last week of term we went to see Charlotte's teacher, she is doing so well especially in her reading she is achieving way above what she should be for her age so again I'm so proud of her. She seems so much happy in year 1, probably because they are learning more rather than just playing. Just waiting to hear what this years Christmas production will be, as well as the Christmas panto to. Such a lovely time of year coming up for the kiddies.

Thanks for your patience.

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