Sunday, 14 November 2010

Catch up

It's been a while and whilst my machine is still not right I have managed to download some photos using the camera card placing it directly into my p.c which seems to be working fine. Better than putting it back to factory settings which is what the Techguys suggested, I have no faith in them what so ever.

Had a fantastic time in Blackpool, even if it did chuck it down with rain. I loved the footie I love the live games but can't be bothered when it's on the television. The illuminations were great and believe that everyone should see them at least once.

Charlotte is working hard at school for her Christmas production and she has a rather big part, she is one of the narrators, I just hope she doesn't get stage fright and freezes. I can't wait to see her but she has a fair few lines to learn so we are going through them every evening when she gets back from school. Bless her I'm so proud of her, she has come so far in such a short space of time. I really can't fault her new teacher she is working so hard to boost her confidence.

We have had a lovely weekend going to Cheltenham to do some Christmas shopping I have really broken the back of it now so I'm relatively happy. Just need to get bits and pieces. Today we had good friends round for dinner which is always so enjoyable if a little tiring.

I will leave you for now with some layouts that I done weeks ago. I have 3 more layouts and some cards to photograph and will update later in the week.

Thanks for your patience, take care all.



  1. Good to see you back Claire, and lovely lo's! Looks like you had fun in Blackpool too!

  2. Love the photos of the lights.
    Blackpool is a place that I have my list to visit especially at this time of year.
    Well done Charlotte for getting such a great part in the Christmas school play.
    Loving the LO's too especially the pink one ;o)