Friday, 19 November 2010

Children in Need Day

As if you didn't know it's Children in Need day and the children at Charlotte's school had to dress in something yellow or spotty. I found this slightly difficult as I always think that yellow is a spring, summer colour so she had no yellow tops, she had no spotty tops either. I didn't really want to buy anything new just for one day so I decided to improvise. Last year I used my circle punch to punch out different coloured spots and then popped some double sided tape on the back and then stuck them on. This year I wanted to do something different, and thought of buttons, I have literally hundreds of them so I sifted through them and choose all different sizes and sat and stitched them on. Here she was this morning full of the joys.

Think this was her mean and moody look!

Then it all got to much and ended up like this.

This layout has been on the go for over a week so I sat down last night to finish it off. It was one of those layouts that just didn't flow right, if you know what I mean. Fairly happy with the finished result and just love the photo. Just look at Charlotte's face loving her Daddy. This was taken on our last day at Disneyland back in July. We were waiting for our transfer back to the airport when I snapped her with Les, she just couldn't leave him alone.

Little close up shot of the detail.

Have been busy sorting the house today as we have friends staying over at the weekend. I'm so looking forward to it, especially not cooking tomorrow night, off to the local curry house for a Balti.

Anyway take care all, will be back next week.



  1. What a brilliant idea to use all those buttons, I bet Charlotte was the only one to have a Mummy with so many buttons to choose from!!!
    The LO is gorgeous and flows perfectly, just love the photo of Les and Charlotte together. Definitely a 'Daddies girl'.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  2. How cool is that t-shirt!! I love it!