Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Technology is good....when it works!

So who's had snow then? Most of the country by looks of things. We have had our fair share of snow. I had to dash and collect Charlotte from school on Tuesday as the snow came down so quickly they decided to close it early. Then last night we had such a covering that they didn't open today, and I have just checked there website and they are not bothering tomorrow either. It's quite nice really as it has meant that I have had Charlotte at home and it was like old times. She had her friend come round to play for a few hours but they do get up to mischief when they get together and well the bedroom looked like a bomb had been dropped on it, still it kept her happy for a while.

The other news is that my pc has decided to give up on me, it was working fine yesterday morning and then it just froze I switched it off re-booted and nothing happened. So I'm not going to be able to download any pictures for a while. We have got to decide whether we are going for a replacement box or a laptop. My brother works with computers and is abit of a whizz with them, just as well as I hadn't managed to back-up my 2009 photos, so I'm hoping he will work his magic and retrieve them for me. Luckily I am able to use hubs laptop from work, but can only use it in the evening, but at least I can check emails and stuff. Anyway I will sort it soon, I can't cope without my computer.

I managed to have a play with my new BIA today and I am loving it. I'm making a Christmas album as I have some lovely pictures and have made a start on it already.

So please bear with me whilst I sort out this computer problem, service will be resumed shortly.

Take Care


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