Thursday, 14 January 2010

Chocolate or Fruit????

So we are slowly getting back to some normality here (thank goodness), Charlotte went off to school today. She wasn't to happy to go and I had a few tears from her, but her new teacher was really sweet and just walked her into the classroom, I had a little look in the window afterwards and she was fine. It has been so unsettling for the children and for a child like Charlotte who thrives on a routine has suffered quite a bit. I hope this is it for the weather now, but before we know it they will be breaking up for half term!.

So I have managed to complete my weekly challenge over on UKScrappers. This week was all about forbidden fruit. This photo of Charlotte at my brother's wedding last May was perfect for this. She enjoys fruit but loves chocolate even more (well who doesn't). 10 points for using ribbon and 10 points for using either blossoms or bling, I chose bling.

I'd better get my skates on as I'm off to school to see about this hot meal thingy and how it's going to work, which is due to start on Monday. I just hope I have one of the lunchtime supervisor positions.

Hope you like the layout.



  1. Great photo and lovely lo Claire :)

    Thanks for joining in with our challenge

    Lisa aka 3peaches

  2. Really lovely layout and I don't blame her for not sharing - don't think I would either. I love all the lovely bright colours that you have used. Thank you for doing the twilight challenge.

  3. Perfect photo for the challenge Claire and a really gorgeous LO.

  4. What a great lo, just love the photo!

  5. LOL - hope you had a pocket full of baby wipes!! Great LO.

  6. Fabulous! I love it and the use of paint.