Friday, 8 January 2010

I'm back........

in blog land. Gosh it's been really difficult over the past few days with no computer. So I am typing this on a brand new laptop (thanks hubs) which is just fab. The only thing is that everything has moved on so much with the software, so I'm trying to find my way round things, as well as installing stuff onto it, I'll get there it will just take some time.

It's been a really strange week all round really Charlotte is still not back at school so she is happily playing under the kitchen table whilst I sat at it typing. She has been lucky enough to have her little friend round most days so that has to keep her occupied. Here are some snowy photos that I took on Wednesday.

This one is of our back garden, you can see that we have had quite a bit of snow.

Just over 7 inches of snow.

The little rascal throwing a snowball at me, whilst taking photos!

My little snow baby.

What else have I been doing? Well I have joined a great team of girls on UKScrappers and I am now part of the Crafty Magpies so I'm hoping that I can join in with loads of different stuff with them. I am doing this weeks weekly challenge, I just have to stick it down then I can link it up to the website (hopefully).

I applied for a job at Charlotte's school to be a lunchtime supervisor. I am still waiting to hear but the teacher has spoken to me twice about getting in contact with my referees. It's only for an hour a day, but it would get me back in the mind set of working and I do so enjoy being in the school environment. They are starting to have hot meals so they need more helpers. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Anyway I'm off to make hot chocolates!

Will post some layouts soon.


  1. We love having you on the Crafty Magoies team Claire!
    Good luck with the job application - I am sure you will get it as they already know you from your helping afternoons! how long til you know?

  2. Lovely pictures! That picture of Charlotte is gorgeous - such long eyelashes!