Sunday, 4 March 2012

Crazy time

Another week which seemed to go by in a flash. Either the weeks are getting shorter or I'm getting older!!. Another busy week with Les away in Dubai, and Mum and Dad up to keep me company.  We had World Book Day last Thursday and I had been asking Charlotte what she wanted to go as.  She decided on late Sunday afternoon that she was going as Janet from the Secret Seven.  So we looked through the books to see what Janet wore.  A skirt, knitted cardigan, long socks or tights and a piece of ribbon in her hair.  Charlotte really isn't a girlie girl and doesn't own a skirt (other than a school one) or a cardigan especially not knitted.  Mum said she thought she could knit a cardigan in time for Thursday morning, so Monday morning we got some wool, knitting needles and a pattern and she set about making a cardi.  Right the skirt, do you think I could find one which would look appropriate for the era.  Thankfully Tescos had a navy needle cord one which wouldn't look out of place.  Doesn't she look good?, Mum really did work her magic fingers on that cardigan (thanks Mum).  I really admire Charlotte as most of her friends were going as fairy's or princesses and she was determinded to be different.

Les came home on Friday evening shattered and with a hacking cough and feeling dreadful. I just thought it was a cold and jet leg kicking in. He woke yesterday morning feeling really rough, and to be honest he didn't look great. I went to the chemist (as there was no answer at the Dr's surgery) to see if there was a doctor on call as I really didn't think that he could wait until Monday morning, I hate to think what state he would have been in. They told me that our surgery was open, so I ran there and asked if he could see a doctor, apparently there were no doctors on. She gave me an out of hours number to call so I came back and called it, they were good and within a few minutes a local nurse called me back and asked what his symptoms were, she could hear him coughing and said it didn't sound very good. She booked him in to see the on call doctor at the local hospital. It turns out that he has a chest infection (which I suspected), and it really has knocked him out. So yesterday was spent running around, but I'm so relieved that he has some antibotics and hopefully they will kick in quickly.  I really wanted to do something constructive so I set about making some cakes with a little help from the little lady.  They look great, but they taste even better!!.

So today I've done the supermarket shop (which I hate) and then Charlotte wanted to do a 'She Art' girl, I got the box out and I knew I was in for a messy afternoon.  It was worth it as it kept her quiet for a while and she is never happier than when she has paints and glue at the ready.  This is what we created, I'm surprised I managed to create anything as it seemed like all I was doing was washing out the brushes all the time!!.

I have managed to do quite a bit on my ripple blanket, which is growing rapidly.  My Smash book is great too and I'm treating it as a bit of a diary, so all in all I've been really crafty.  I'm hoping this week I will be able to do a layout or two.

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  1. Nanny's are the best at knitting cardigans,we have a grey one my mum made for Em's Evacuee day and it's been passed on to Holly!