Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Feeling Poorly

I know I said I would update my blog with more news from last weeks holiday, but I've come down with tonsillitis so I'm feeling tired and drained. I thought I would pop on some of my favourite photos instead.
We went to Pennywell Farm (which I believe was on Countryfile last Sunday) really for my Sister-in-Law who just loves pigs. What was great about this farm was that you were allowed in the pens with the animals and there was no holding her back in she goes no fear, Charlotte picks up on how much confidence she has and in she goes too. She loved it, especially tickling the sheep and pigs tails and they then reacted by twitching there tails.

Love this little fellow, it looks as though he is smiling.

In this photo Charlotte was telling me how a naughty goat came up behind her and started nibbling at her hair. Very funny to watch and thankfully Charlotte didn't seem to phased by it.

These steps all 113 was what we had to trek up and down to get into town. Not to bad going down but going up them was a killer.

This photo of my Mum and Dad makes me chuckle, Mum had a burst of energy and attempted to overtake Dad. Dad was having none of it.

Just loved how these daisy's grew, some of them pink some of them white.

For some reason my SIL called this lighthouse the 'lampshade'!!!

Brixham as the sun starts so set.

There were lots of people fishing for mackerel.

Phew photo overload there I think. Haven't managed much scrapping other than my Twisted sketch for next week which obviously I can't share just yet.

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  1. More great photos, lovely to see!

  2. great photos Claire x
    hope you feel better soon

  3. Great selection of photos :)

    I hope you start to feel better soon xxx