Wednesday, 10 February 2010

This and that

Why is it that the week seems to be getting shorter? I seem to be chasing my tail this week. It's been a busy start to the week, obviously going into school every lunchtime but then having a Safeguard meeting on Monday after school. Arranging child care for Charlotte was difficult but hubby managed to get some time off work to look after her. Yesterday afternoon I do my helping out at school, which I really enjoy, although yesterday was spent sharpening pencils!! I now have blisters on my thumb and finger such a high life I lead!! hehe

The weekend was spent in some fab company at the Bromsgrove crop on Saturday. Morag Cutts was there teaching classes, some I opted out of as I had so much to do and deadlines to meet. I did however make the organiser at home on Sunday, I really like it and think I'm going to give it to my momma. Not a very good picture as the light is so poor, but you get the idea.

Look what I won in the raffle at the crop! I had a quick play last night and the results are lush.

I made this card for an old school friend. We have just got back into contact, it's been a few years but we are enjoying catching up with our news.

I made this Valentine's card for Les at the crop, I also made one very similar for my Dad. It's tradition now, I've made my Dad a card since I was a little girl and I'm still doing it now. I think I always will. If I'm lucky I might get a card back.
Be sure to check out Twisted Sketches tonight as there is a new sketch, look out for my layout, leave me a comment and tell me what you think.
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