Tuesday, 2 February 2010

No mojo (again)

yep that's right no mojo again. I have been doing so much recently that my creative juices have dried up somewhat!!. I'm taking a few days breather and hope that it comes bursting back after a little break. Thankfully though I have made a good start on my first Twisted sketch that goes up next week.

I had a great weekend meeting up with my family in Coventry. My Dad, Brother and me went to watch the footie, Blackpool playing Coventry. Now I can't stand watching football on tv I get bored with in the first 5 minutes but watching it live is a different matter, the atmosphere is amazing. The supporters for Blackpool are fantastic, travelling up and down the country to watch there team, regardless of whether they win or lose, they will be back the following week. Boy do they make loads of noise too, they have a drummer who really gets the spectators going, you just can't help but sing along. When they scored I got so excited I jumped up bashed my knees on the seat in front, so I'm now nursing big bruises, but it was worth it.

So on Friday before meeting up with the family I decided to make Dad some coconut ice, he has a very sweet tooth and we make this once in a while for him. I filled the container full, but I know that when I see him next, the box will be empty. :) It's really easy to (I can remember making it with my mum) make and tastes so much better than the bought stuff.

340g Desiccated coconut
340g Icing sugar
400g Tin of condensed milk
Red food colouring

Place the condensed milk into a bowl and add the icing sugar. Beat well then mix in the desiccated coconut. The mixture will get firm and difficult to stir but persevere until everything is combined.

Divide the mixture into two (add food colouring) and spread into a square tin.

Righto I'm off to see if I can remember how to update my slide show. Wish me luck!!

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  1. i doint' know about losing your mojo, that coconut ice looks dreamy!!!! yum yum!!!!

  2. Hope you find your mojo Claire!! That coconut ice looks rather yummy, think the Brownies would enjoy making that :)