Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Golden Girl

Hello Blogland. Another grey morning out there today, doesn't it just make you feel like going back to bed? I know it does me, although with the cold I've got at the moment, I wouldn't sleep anyway. Right I've done the British bit and complained about the weather!!.

Last week I managed to create some more layouts and I have to say that I'm loving it, maybe having a break really done me good as the ideas seem to be flooding my mind at the moment. This one I started at the weekend, just loved the sunny colours, and chose to use a black and white photo so as it wouldn't distract against the colours. The photo quality isn't great as the light is terrible. Now as most of you know I'm not that inventive when it comes to titles for the layouts and I very often ask Les what he thinks. He came up with 'Our Golden Girl' which I thought worked perfectly on several accounts, obviously the colours and secondly as she is achieving so much at school and is trying really hard. I have to say that I've started to dread Monday's as she comes out of school with spellings that need to be learnt by Friday. Now I'm not talking about little words but damn great words like, driftwood, although, thought, suddenly and speechless (which it left me). I know when I was at school we started with the smaller words and then built up with the larger ones. By Friday I'm exhausted, goodness only knows how these kids feel!!.

A little close up shot. To begin with I wasn't sure what to use the bread(less) tabs for but think they help to add dimension. I remember these little tabs on bread from when I was growing up, I bet you do to don't you??

This layout I used the Prima 'Jack n Jill' collection I bought some of this collection at the end of November and thought it was about time I got stuck into it. Really sweet.

I've had crackle glaze for ages and hadn't used it so I thought I would try it out on this lovely big chipboard flower.

I'll leave it there for now, thanks again for all the lovely comments.
Take care


  1. a beautiful LO Greta title too I love the stitching

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  2. Great Lo's Claire x
    yep I remember bread tags :D

  3. I too remember bread tags! These are beautiful lo's, and your daughter is indeed a Golden Girl!

  4. Gorgeous layouts! I love how that flower turned out, I too have some crackle glaze floating around somewhere maybe I'll give that a go!

  5. Gorgeous LO's Claire, I especially love your flower :)

    I hope you are feeling a bit better now xxx