Friday, 9 July 2010

Sports Day

Yesterday was Charlotte's first sports day. Sports day at her school is a full day of activities and is a really family day out with bouncy castles, icecream van and even a pig roast for the adults. After I dropped her off at school in the morning with her waterproof jacket I really thought it was going to be a wash out, but it soon warmed up and became very hot for them. She took part in all the activities in the morning and seemed quite happy with everything. I obviously can't post any photos on here for legal reasons, but did manage to get some snaps of her without any other children beside her. We are rather fortunate that we are allowed to take photos of our children, as some schools have banned cameras and video recorders.

I have been struggling all week with my eye. I have had two trips to the doctors two lots of drops and it's still causing me problems. Yesterday it felt as though it was improving and it wasn't causing me to many problems, but when I woke this morning it felt so sore and painful. The Doctor is treating it like conjunctivitis with antibotics (although I don't think it is that as I don't have any of the symptoms) and so I can't work at the school until it is cleared. If it's not better by Monday I've got to go back and they will then refer me to the eye hospital, I really hope it doesn't come to that but if it feels like it does now I'll be back down there. It's so frustrating.

I hope you all have a good weekend. I'll be back next week with something to share with you.

Take care.



  1. I am glad everyone enjoyed the sports day. I love Charlottes hat, very pretty & ideal for this hot weather :)

    I hope your eye starts to improve soon Claire, have you tried wearing dark sunglasses as that may help?? Take care xxx

  2. Lovely photos of Charlotte, glad she enjoyed her first sports day!