Thursday, 15 July 2010

School report

Its been a really long week, but luckily we have tomorrow off as the school is closed for an inset day. Les and I went to watch Charlotte in her school assembly this morning, which was fab and again she done very well. We also got her school report today and to be honest we couldn't expect anything better from her. We just have to work on her confidence with her but she is only 5 and has come so far over the past year. Funnily enough her teacher said that she was very creative!!. Do you think that's got anything to do with my influence on her?

Twisted Sketch went live last night and here is my take on the sketch. The twist was texture. Check out everyone's layouts here.

A close up shot of all the details, I loved making the twirly bits I used florist wire and curled around my piercing tool.

We have been picking these from the garden, but haven't seen many of them as this little tinker has been eating them!!

We have had our first crop of runner beans too which we had for our tea last night. I love runner beans and there is nothing better than to go into the garden pick them, prepare them and then eat them. I just wish I had a bigger garden so I could grow more veggies.

I'm home alone tonight so I'm going to finish of my last Twisted Sketch.
Take care.


  1. Another lovely lo, well done! And the home grown produce, just yummy!

  2. A really gorgeous LO Claire, so much detail in it, its beautiful :)

    The raspberries and runner beans look good too!!

  3. Lovely Lo Claire x
    Love the twiddly bits