Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Summer dresses

As the better weather has been upon us just recently Charlotte had decided to go to school in her summer dress today. Oh she looked so sweet just look at her here.

Just look at those plaits and those little socks with red bows on.

I went to the hairdresses this morning and I'm really pleased with how she has cut it, and it feels so much better to.

I'm really enjoying Cheryl Johnsons photography course it really does make you think out of the box. We are learning all about composition at the moment, really good fun and have even managed to get my camera manual out too!!.
Been a busy couple of days and haven't managed to get any crafting done at all. Charlotte has an inset day on Friday so I'm hoping to get some crafting done then. In fact I asked Charlotte what she wanted to do and she replied 'maybe you can do your crafting and I'll do mine'. Sounds like a perfect day to me. :)

I'm gonna have to dash as I've got to collect missy from school and let the carpet guys in to lay our new carpet. yay.

Take care of yourselves.


  1. Love the new hairstyle Claire - really suits you and doesn't Charlotte look cute with her
    Julie P

  2. She does look adorable! great cut, I am needin a new do badly!

  3. Love the haircut Claire, it looks really great :)

    Charlotte looks adorable and so grown up in her summer uniform and pigtails :)