Tuesday, 17 January 2012

I loved the 10 things on the 10th last week, thank you to everyone who left a comment, it really was good fun.

I thought I would share some layouts I done last week. With the trip to Dubai/Singapore/Malaysia all booked now, I thought I would find some pictures of when I went to Singapore in 2001. I look extremely young and quite shy, but I have some fantastic memories of a wonderful week out there.  I loved going to Raffles and having the famous Singapore Sling, amazing place, cracking nuts and throwing the shells on the floor!!.

These photos of Charlotte and I had been on a previous layout and I really hated it, so I took them off (which is rare as I don't normally do this) and they have been waiting patiently to be scrapped again.  I was blog hopping and found Jen Chaplin's wonderful layout of I assume her and her little girl, which was perfect for my photos.  I was roughly the same age as Charlotte on this photo, and apparently my Mum tried everything to get me to smile but I wouldn't.  The following day I scared the life out of my parents by having a infant convulsion which saw me in hospital for the night.  Do you think we look a like? The only real difference is that I was blond and Charlotte is dark.

I really love the new October Afternoon Farmhouse papers, I always tend to buy them all, but this time I picked my favourite ones, I'm regretting not buying the whole set now as they are lovely.

Charlotte has started swimming at school and seems to be enjoying it, last week she came home and asked if I would get her some goggles, her she is modelling them!!!

She is starting choir club tomorrow night, that should be interesting but she wants to do all these things which is great, it's been a long time coming.  We have seen big changes in her and she is even trying new foods, she now likes my roast potatoes and my homemade lasagne, small steps but she is trying really hard, so that's all we can ask for.

Anyway have a good evening.

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  1. love your LO's especially like the 'washing line' on That Look so neat

    Sounds like you have a fab holiday all booked