Tuesday, 10 January 2012

10 Things: on the 10th

I have never taken part in Shimelle's 10 things on the 10th and thought it looks rather fun so I thought I would start on the first month of 2012, lets see if I can keep it up for the rest of the year!!!.

I said that we are loving Lego in our family so thought this was pretty apt for this month.

1. I love this little clown with his small legs (which are unusual in Lego men) and his custard tart.

2. This one is called sleepy head for obvious reasons. I love his little teddy bear.

3. I built this clown when we went to Legoland last year. I love his fuzzy hair.

4. The robot is from the newest series which only came out a few weeks ago. He has a key on his back, brilliant.

5. I love the detail on this little chap.

6.  Love the lady's face on this and the monkey is just cool.

 7. I love this lads hair, just like a footballer.  The only thing wrong is the colour of the kit!!!

8. I got Santa in the Lego Advent calendar, love that he has a sack on his back full of presents!.

9. I have to say I think the soldier is my favourite (have I said that already?).

10. I thought Lady Liberty is rather appropriate for the up-coming trip next month.  I borrowed her from Charlotte.

If you would like to take part or check out what the others have listed, click here

My family can't believe that I can pick up a packet and feel which one it is, it saves lots of money but I have had a few funny looks in the shops!!.

Right that's me for tonight, thank you to everyone who commented on my previous post, it really is appreciated.



  1. Great list of 10 things ... the Santa one looks good. x

    Whenever I read these list I think I must do one, but can never think fof 10 things to do - lol

  2. How cute! I cant wait to hear about ur trip!

  3. Brilliant photos of the little Lego people. As I have a son who also loves all things Lego they give me an idea for a LO.

  4. I love your 10 Lego people - great idea!

  5. Love your ten Lego figure portaits - they're constantly being changed up around here and don't stay in their original form long enough for a portrait. I agree with Ann - great idea for a layout.

  6. My son in law would love this post and have lego envy. He is having a second childhood and I bought him Creativity for Christmas. Great fun! Enjoyed visiting and enjoy your upcoming trip.