Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Another week has gone....

by, I think I must be getting old as the weeks just seem to disappear. Last week saw parents evening. We were able to look through the work Charlotte has been doing and the amount is unbelievable, these children work so hard. Her report was very good, and is gaining confidence all the time, she also likes to help organise her teacher by doing jobs for her.

I've had a few projects on the go, but to be honest aren't really pleased with any of them and am not prepared to even show the layout on here, unlike me really but I just seemed to have lost all enthusiasm at the moment. This is one of them, that isn't really finished but I'm just left it as it is for the time being.

The 'She workshop' starts on Monday and I'm looking forward to watching some of the videos and techniques, although I won't be able to play along as I will be at my parents house and need to travel really light this trip :( So I'm off to Mum's on Saturday for a week. We are then taking Charlotte to Windsor and Legoland which she is looking forward to, Les and I went around 9 years ago and had a fab time. She is going to love all the models and buildings built of Lego, I'm not sure whether she will want to go on any of the rides, but we will see how it goes. From there we are spending a couple of nights on a farm just outside Lyme Regis, it looks fab, you can help them collect the eggs in the morning as well as watching them milk the cows. It should be an experience to say the least!!. The real reason for going is that I want to go fossil hunting again, I have been before up North and it's such a buzz, this time I have booked us onto a tour and then plan to go independently at a different beach.

This Friday is the last day of term (thank goodness) and as it's Easter they have asked the children to make a decorated bonnet. This is what we have come up with, naturally I have helped quite a bit, but I'm pleased with it, and she looks so cute in it.

I hand stitched the little chicks on so hopefully they will stay put.

Right be good everyone.


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