Friday, 25 March 2011

Thank goodness it's Friday

Don't you just love Friday's?. I love to sit here knowing that I haven't got to get up early for the school run, or make sandwiches, reading books, spellings, need I go on? It's been another busy week, I think I should have a bed at Charlotte's school, it seems like I'm spending more time there than I am at home at the moment. lol. Charlotte had her class assembly today, they were acting out 'Where wild things are'. They were fantastic, it's amazing what the teachers get them to do in such a short space of time. Tomorrow we are off to Hay-on-Wye nether Les or I have been there and we both love books, we are then spending the night in Hereford which isn't that far away from us but far enough that you feel like you've had a break away. I just hope this gorgeous weather we have been having holds out for us. Charlotte has been asking to go and ride her bike at the local woods for the past few weeks, but what with one thing and another we only managed to go last Saturday. She has had her bike for a couple of years, but is only really showing interest in it now, so we are trying to encourage her to use it and ride it as much as possible. It's the first real time that I've been able to use my new lense outside and I'm loving experimenting with it. I love this shot as it looks kind of mystical, shame there's a strand of hair floating by her eye. I love her eyes in this one, her hair looks so long. She had it trimmed on Tuesday it looks much tidier. Les took this one of me, I think I was watching and listening to Charlotte moaning about it being hard work pedalling such a long way!. This layout is based from the sketch from Shimelle's blog. This month we had to use 2 4x6 photo's, it should start to get interesting as each month another photo is added. I have done a few other bits but haven't had chance to take a photo of them yet. Have a lovely weekend. Cx


  1. Lovely photos and what a lovely bright and colourful layout too!

  2. Gorgeous photos :) Thank you so much for your lovely comments about Holly x