Thursday, 6 May 2010

I'm like a bus.....

you wait for one to arrive and then two come at once!!. It's a bit like me and blogging really, haven't posted in a while and then when I do, I do it two days in a row.

The Twisted Sketch #48 has gone live click here to check out the layouts the rest of the team have created. This weeks twist was handmade. I made the flowers on this layout and really enjoyed making this one. Especially the paint, really like the effect it gives and on patterned paper I just feel that it softens the paper and doesn't feel as busy.

We have friends coming for a Sunday lunch in a couple of weeks time, and I never really know what to cook. The pressure is on as Anne is a really good cook and she never disappoints us when we go to there house. I was talking to my Magpie friends on UKS the other day when Karen our team leader suggested that I try a lemon meringue pie for desert, so as I had most of the ingredients in the house I thought I would have a go. Now I love lemon meringue pie (I think it's one of my favourites) and have only used those packet mixes which are okay, but sometimes they can taste a bit chemically. I have to confess that I didn't make the pastry case as I really didn't have time yesterday afternoon, but if I'm honest it didn't taste to bad. Here it is anyway, very impressed the way it turned out and think I will be making another one for when Anne and Matt come. Thanks Karen for the receipe.

I know that when my dad sees this he is going to say 'can you make one when I come to stay in June'. The answer is 'yes' Dad I will.

Thanks for all your lovely comments.

Take care.



  1. lemon meringue is my FAVE. i wish i was coming on sunday ;)

  2. Ohh this looks tasty. My hubby has just started making lemon roulades and that is delish too! Lemon and merengues is a great combo. I love the paint on the layout too. x

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