Saturday, 15 May 2010

5 years ago.......

we got hitched. It was a sunny day with a gorgeous blue sky with not a cloud in sight. We don't normally tend to celebrate our anniversary but it feels as though we have reached a little mile stone. Les did try to organise lunch at the place where we got married but when he went to book a table, the Hotel was closed for maintenance.

This was taken 5 years ago, don't I look young??. I had managed to slim down a bit as I only had Charlotte less than 5 months earlier.

So today we fancied doing something a little different, I have always wanted to go to Batsford Arboretum which is only a few miles away to see all the blossom and magnolia trees in bloom. We wasn't disappointment it was a lovely morning to walk and see all the different trees and plants.

Notice the gap in Charlotte's teeth? Yep she lost her first tooth on Thursday afternoon, very upset about it but was quite happy yesterday morning to find that the tooth fairy had came.

Charlotte sitting amongst the bluebells and wild garlic.

The views were fantastic, with all the different colour of the trees.

We noticed this little fellow sitting on some stone, I don't think he was too well as I managed to get up really close to it. Is it some sort of vole?? If anyone knows leave me an email.

And finally this is my layout for this weeks weekly challenge over on UKS.

Hope you having a lovely weekend.


P.S I've just had a look to see what the little mousey thing was and I think he's a field mouse.


  1. Love the lo and the photos! And also love the wedding photo, hope you had a great anniversary!

  2. My goodness you had short hair!! So was mine to be fair 5 or 6 years ago. And to say you'd had a baby 5 months before you looked fab!! Les hasn't changed a bit!
    Great photos from Batsford, and another fab LO.

  3. Claire you both look so happy on your wedding day and you look stunning too.
    Great photos from your day out and yes definately a field mouse!
    Gorgeous LO for the WC.

  4. Gorgeous selection of photos Claire. I hope you had a great wedding anniversary :)

    I love the LO as well :)