Tuesday, 2 March 2010

A layout for me!!

Last week I really wanted to create a layout just for me. Now I love following sketches and doing my Twisted sketches but I just needed to create a layout for me with out any restrictions. This is what I came up. The picture is of me and my brother when we were small, I was about 3 and Paul was around 7. This photo comes with a bit of story, the dress I was wearing was new and you can see the big white collar on the dress, well I was playing at my Mum's dressing table looking at my Mum's nail polish when I opened it and managed to spill red polish down the collar. Mum was not happy but was able to save the dress by taking the collar off the dress.

A close up of the detail.
Really enjoyed doing this and really must try and do this more often as it makes me happy.
Anyway I'd better get going as I've got to go into school soon.
Take care and thanks for all the comments on the previous posts they are appreciated.


  1. Lovely LO and great photo. You just look like a blonde Charlotte!!! xx

  2. A really gorgeous LO Claire and a great story - I bet your Mum was not too pleased - LOL!!

    I love the floral flourish that you have put together in the corner, its really beautiful - A lovely LO :)

  3. this is absolutely gorgeous, you look very cute!

  4. This is orgous Claire, I love the colour scheme and the flower detail is gorgeous!

  5. What a great layout! love your design and details on this!