Thursday, 30 July 2009


Stella, Holly, Sandy and Kerry these are Charlotte's fairies which we made together yesterday afternoon out of pipe cleaners, flowers, wool and ribbon. It entertained Charlotte for around 10 minutes then she got bored and was ready to move onto the next thing. lol

Well, we are on the second week of the summer holidays and I swear I'm getting alot more grey hairs!. Generally Charlotte is a good girl, but when boredom kicks in the little devil in her takes hold. We have a thing for playing around in the bathroom at the moment, which normally involves lots of toilet tissue and water!. I just wish the weather would cheer-up a bit as she loves to get outside and play in her sandpit, and in her little play house.

I'm really looking forward to the crop at Bromsgrove tomorrow I'm so ready for some 'me' time.

Thanks for looking.


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