Friday, 13 July 2012

What is about this time of the year....

I seem to go to pot and never seem able to update my blog, maybe it's because of the end of term stuff which is going on at the moment. This week I've gone to a local farm with Charlotte's year group which was really good fun and we only had one heavy shower, but we all had waterproofs and welly boots and it was quite fun splashing in the puddles but naturally I had to do it quietly and discreetly! What else other than Birthday parties, catching up with friends, leaving parties, school reports (well done Charlotte), parents evening, coffee mornings oh and reading a certain book in a couple of days!! I must also say a big 'hello' to the ladies at the Bromsgrove crop who again made me feel so welcome after going AWOL for over a year.

We are also in the process of some home improvements, replacing carpets, painting several rooms and Karndean flooring in the bathroom. With this though involves lots of people visiting the house for measurements, but it will so be worth it in the end.

A good friend who I got to know through her little girl Abbey and Charlotte starting school together is moving to Switzerland at the beginning of August. We have a really nice friendship, we don't live in one another's pockets (which suits both of us) but we help one another out with the kids etc. She's in the same position as me and doesn't have any family close by to help out. It's a real shame and I'm really going to miss her and the kids. So next Friday we are off out to give her a night to remember. I've promised to take my camera with me to take some pictures for her. I'm thinking I may make her a small scrapbook with photo's of the kids in to remind her of home.  Anybody got any ideas for something a bit different I could do?

So creativity wise I've been creating a few layouts. I don't know though once I've created them they don't give me that wow factor. I just seem to lack inspiration, but I have a ton of new stash to put on them. I get quite frustrated with myself which seems to make things worse.  Anyway here are the ones I've made over the past couple of weeks.

Today we have had an inset day off from school, which has been lovely.  I love spending time with Charlotte she really is a pleasure to be around (even if she doesn't stop talking) and on a day like today I realise why I love being a stay at home.  She wanted to do some baking with a kit that she had been bought for her Birthday a couple of years ago.  I said I would be on hand to help her but she was to read the instructions and to measure out the ingredients which I had to explain were the markings were on the scales.  She loved it.  Here she is showing me what she has done, do you like my new pink mixing bowl? Les accidentally broke my Mason and Cash bowl so bought me this one from John Lewis which I'm happy with.

I am immensely proud of this little girl she has had an amazing school report and has done so well this year.  She has made good progress in everything she does, including her reading which is 10 years 11 months!! Next September she wants to learn the violin who would of thought it.  The school that she goes to at the moment is a split site, she's at the original base, but in September she goes up to the new school with the older ones, it's a little daunting for her but she will be fine. The original school is right beside the river so its prone to flooding although it now has a special flood wall protecting the school, the risk of it flooding is still high. 

Right enough of me droning on.

Have a lovely weekend.

P.S This spacing is still driving me crazy. ARGHHHHHHHH

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  1. Love both your LO's .Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog xxx I am fine ,sometimes watching your kids grow up and go through tough stuff is heartbreaking though!