Sunday, 10 June 2012

10 things on the 10th

So the 10th of the month has come around again.  Here are my 10 things, this idea I 'pinched' from Nathalie who done this last month.

1. Wearing - Skinny black jeans, cream top and body warmer, Converse All Star trainers.

2. Listening - Robbie Williams, Swing when you're winning. Loving Jazz and swing music.

3. Eating - Liquorice Allsorts (loving these at the moment).

4. Drinking -  Les has just made a cup of tea.

5. Reading - Me before You, by JoJo Moyes I've just finished this book. I can't recommend this highly enough.  It's a real gritty, heartwarming story, it had me in tears by the end of it!

6. Needing - To learn how to hula hoop!!

7. Wishing - We had another week off from school!

8. Crafting - Finishing off a layout from this week and catching up on my Smash book.

9. Enjoying - Journalling on my layouts, this may sound daft, but its taken a while for me to do this.

10. Loving - The fact that it's only 6 more days before I see my parents!!

Be sure to go and check out the other peeps 10 things on the 10th via Shimelle's blog.

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  1. love this format for ten things. I love the fact you said you are needing to learn to hula hoop... i think everyone needs to learn to hula hoop. Good luck with, and thank you so much for sharing :)

  2. Great list! I like this idea and might have to use it next month :). Love that you want to learn to hula hoop!

  3. sounds like a great list to me~especially finishing that LO:):):)

  4. Lovely list ~ I'm in need of a fresh cup of tea!

  5. I like this idea and I agree with needing more time off! X

  6. A lovely list Claire, may need to pinch this for an idea one month!

  7. That is a good ten. Would it be Grace Jones that is inspiring you to hula hoop?

  8. Love your 10 things Claire x
    Nothing beats a good cup of tea :)

  9. Great read ;) You made me get up to warm up some tea and I think this would translate very well into an "everyday" page :)