Thursday, 16 December 2010

Birthday Girl in the house

That's right my sweet little girl turned 6 today. Bless her it was the first time ever that she was really excited about her Birthday. Last night she was so excited it took her an age to get off to sleep. Although her Birthday is so close to Christmas we always make the effort and decorate the house for her. She has been an extremely lucky girl, my parents bought her a dolls house, part Birthday and Christmas (I don't normally combine presents but due to it costing lots of pennies we agreed this year). She has had money, vouchers and presents and some still to be opened after school. She went off to school really happy this morning telling everyone it's her Birthday wearing a massive badge to prove it!!. Here she is this morning looking very sleepy. I asked her this morning what it felt like to be 6 and she said 'I feel really big'!!. Thank you to everyone who thought of her today.

It's been another busy week. Tuesday I went with the school to watch Cinderella at the Pantomime, it was really good and the children were really well behaved. The school organises the event perfectly and so safely which is not an easy task when you have the whole school attending.

At the beginning of the week they had Party day at school they could wear party dresses and smart clothes. Well Charlotte isn't really a dressy girl so we bought her a new top and leggings to match and she looked really sweet and she was comfortable which is the main thing.

The school production last week went really well, she done herself proud and stood up and spoke into the microphone clearly. On the last but one line she had a bit of a wobble but she carried on and got her words out. We have been on such a journey with her and I didn't really think that she would be able to do it, I know she could, but emotionally I was unsure whether she could cope. She done it and remembered all her lines. We were so proud of her. We are all ready for Friday, we are all so tired and ready for a break. Les has next week off to so I'm looking forward to having some lie ins!!!

I am just about keeping up with my JYC, I'm on day 14 at the moment so I'd doing alright. On a couple of days I'm waiting for photos which I'm hoping will be here soon. I will take some picture when I get a spare moment.

I'm running out of time again.

Take care all.


  1. Oh bless her - happy birthday Charlotte!!
    Samm xx

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Charlotte, that really is a BIG badge. Hope she had a lovely day. Also well done on her narration too. Definitely a proud mummy moment.
    Looking forward to seeing your JYC pages, it sounds like you have plenty to put in it.

  3. Love your tree and Charlotte looks lovely in her new outfit. I have a daughter who is a real tomboy in behaviour but still likes the pretty dresses!

    Happy Birthday Charlotte

  4. Belated Happy Birthday to Charlotte :)

    I hope you and your family Claire have a very Happy and Healthy New Year, Best Wishes for 2011 to you all xxx